This will be the first article in a series of articles leading up to the November election. In this series we will attempt to educate, entertain, and perhaps even motivate some into action. If you are reading this article, I know that “I am preaching to the choir” about voting.

By. A. Govea




Pero, I hope to get your help in pursing others to do what you do, why you ask? Raging pandemic, separating families, Caging Children, civil unrest, Russia, is that enough? And if that is not enough POTUS hates you and your family. In 2016 that last one was not enough, it least based on the Texas Latino voting numbers. Before the election there was all the talk about this the year that “The sleeping giant awakens” Surely all the anti-Mexican talk would get our community in Texas. After all the Latino community in Texas is over 80% Of Mexican heritage. Many were counting on what some said, “Mexicans may not vote for somebody, but they will vote against somebody” And guess what some did, 18 to 29%. According to 2 exit polls for the presidential elections one had the number as high as 29% of Latinos that voted for Trump. So yes possibly 29% people in our community voted against somebody, us. Here is what I heard from some out there for the reasons they voted for Trump; As a joke, they are taking our jobs; they come here and marry Americans; they come here and start businesses and act like big shots. There is also the “I hate their big trucks and terrible Mexican music” Oh and one more that is just parroting what POTUS and his racist supporters say “We have to protect our borders” And before you just point the finger at the Chicano types, there was several foreign born Latinos that also voted like a Pendejo! Still there was an increase in voting by the Latino community from 38.8 in 2012 to 40.5. Pero when you look at the other numbers does not take a political scientist to figure out what happened; Black vote was 57.2% down from 63.1 in 2012 and the White vote was at over 70%. I am proud to be Raza, but I am ashamed of our voting record to date. Pero I also know that nothing happens by accident and there have been reasons for our lack of participation at the polls. Next article the history and a look at Willie Velasquez and Manifest Destiny Raza style. Visit us at nuestravoz- to subscribe to
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