With the coronavirus raging across the country with the death toll reaching over 350,000 and domestic terrorists breaking into the Capital Building on Wednesday night it may be easy already count this year out. But instead of giving up on 2021 maybe we can acknowledge the difficulties our country is facing and try to focus on our home life even more. Of course, I don’t mean to leave your duties to be involved in your community behind, but to make our wellness and family your top priority.  Here are five ideas on how to do just that.

By G. Jimenez


1.) Camping or Glamping

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Try Camping with the family! Camping can be an inexpensive but adventurous way to get the family together, and if sleeping in a tent is going “too far” you can always opt for the cabin experience! My all-time favorite place to escape the burbs would be Glen Rose, TX. The Initial intrigue for me is the history of Glen Rose. Archeologist have unearthed numerous dinosaur fossils from the area and some experts believe they have fossil proof that humans and dinosaurs lived alongside each other at one point. Their is hiking at Dinosaur Valley State Park or you can go back in time and visit Dinosaur World. Their is also a Drive Thru Safari adventure at the Fossil Rim Wild Life Center

There are campsites available with covered cabins available at the Dinosaur Valley State Park but my personal favorite place to stay is The Trickle Creek Cabins. These Cabins offer plenty of seclusion on the sprawling ranch with Catch and Release fishing included. Every And every cabin has a hot tub! 

2.)  Try a Drive- Thru Theatre

 If you are not looking to leave town you can take the family for a night out at the Coyote Drive- In on Panther island in Fort Worth, TX. This Fort Worth gem offers 4 large viewing screens that play both new and classic movies. The Concession menu offers delicious classics like pizza, burgers and hot dogs. And for the adults there is drink menu that includes beer, wine and specialty drinks. This place is great for the family or the perfect date night destination for couples.

3.) Box Fort

If you have little ones at home like I do, I know you have run out of at- home activities. Community parks used to be a great free activity, but some parents may be afraid of the germs more than ever before. And while blanket forts are still fun, Carboard box castles are about 100 times more fun. You only need 2 or 3 large boxes and if you don’t have any at home you can buy them for just a few dollars at a moving store. For this project you only need carboard boxes and box tape. Any other supplies would just be for decoration. Carboard box castles are hours of fun and can be done with or without parental supervision. The possibilities are endless, and it is enjoyment enough to watch your child’s imagination run wild.

Find Some Boxes Here!

4.)   Family Game Night

With technology and television monopolizing most of the family time, dusting off a board game for the family to enjoy might be a good change of pace! This can easily turn into a fun family tradition and you may be surprised to find how entertaining new games are today. 

Try this new Exploding Kittens Game!

5.) Remember the Little Things

   Finally, remember to take time for yourself and try to make even the small opportunities for relaxation or appreciation worthwhile. So instead of your regular bath, maybe add some relaxing bath salts, or oils. Take time to read your favorite book or magazine. Dedicate one day a week to being screen- free. And when things seems dark and dreary turn off the news and put on your favorite TV show instead.

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