The opening of the economy has begun.  


.  It has started even though the threshold of 14 days straight with no increase in infections and deaths have not been met.  In fact, in some states like Texas the number has gone up.   We know people over 60 are more susceptible to die from the disease.  That would be mostly grandparents.  In the truest sense of survival of the fittest. The Lt Gov has already said basically, die happy so that others may live.  It is a cruel joke for anyone to say, “Say goodbye to your grandparents.”



The great prayer is that summer will kill the coronavirus.  If it does, politicians will be in what is called “hog heaven.”  And we will be safe in our homes.  Of course, we are told that if there is an upward spiral on the number of people infected and dying from the coronavirus that there will be a return to lockdown.  These are the words of politicians running for reelection.   Once you open the economy, trying to stop it will be like trying to stop a rain on a downhill slope.  I believe America would be in chaos and end like Venezuela.  


These are the challenges we will face; the economy will not surge into pre-coronavirus strength.  Businesses must make too many adjustments and modifications before they start hiring people.  They are not going to go wild hiring people.  You must be able to pay people and all the liabilities that come with owning a business; shutting down will give life to the more open the door protestors.  Those that want to LIBERATE the country.  We know the name of the person that encourages this movement.  And if you have not been paying attention, his name is Trump.  This person has lied at every corner.  At every corner he has created chaos to coverup his lies.  America is in a constant state of frenzy.  Who can Americans turn to for inspiration and moral support during this turbulent period?  


The most important task that Trump has every day is to feed red meat to Fox News and its supporters.  I know that there are many Trump supporters out there.  Frankly speaking, that is your problem.  You contribute nothing of value to the country.  Nothing.  We do not know what the future is going to look like.  It is hard to plan for the unknown.  One thing is for certain, things will not be the same.  


I authored the article The Aftermath.  Are you Prepared?  I am including it hoping that it will help you prepare for the future.  


In the future we will have elections.  Be ready for whatever plan is developed so we can vote.


Felix Alvarado


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