A Controversial Subject


Abortion is indeed a sensitive subject, and most of us have an opinion about it. I would like to offer you my thoughts.

A male Federal judge just blocked Alabama’s strict abortion ban. Alabama along with eight other states so far have banned abortion after there is a heartbeat. Women don’t even realize they are pregnant at that point. These laws are made by men, not women. Most churches are ruled totally by men, and they oppose abortions. I don’t mean to just pick on your church, wait until I get to Republicans (the GOP). But I must add that all Democrats do not believe in abortion. When men grow a uterus, they can tell women what to do. And if men got pregnant, I guarantee you those laws would be much, much different.

After the sayings, let’s examine this in depth. I don’t believe in third term abortions. If things haven’t been worked out by then – sorry too late. But Republicans, yes Republicans, won’t allow abortions even if it was rape or incest. A Republican congressman some time ago said if a woman got pregnant in a rape, it was God’s will. Bullshit. It was nature and it was a crime. Remember the Republican gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams who said if a woman is getting raped, she should lay back and enjoy it. He lost, but that’s mostly the GOP attitude.

And what about the twelve-year-old girl who gets pregnant. I know, you say grandparents will raise it. But NO KID should have to go through nine months of that.


“If a drug addict gets pregnant, the baby will be addicted to heroin or meth and mentally severely disabled”.


Things happen folks, birth control doesn’t always work, sometimes in the heat of passion, they forget all about it. And guys, it isn’t just the woman’s responsibility – it’s yours too. So, it happened. They didn’t want the baby, or more importantly are too poor to have a baby. The GOP insists they carry it out. Then when the baby is born the GOP damns the woman for getting pregnant, for being on child support, for being on welfare, for getting food stamps, and the WIC nutrition program.

If a drug addict gets pregnant, the baby will be addicted to heroin or meth and mentally severely disabled. I know you say we can treat the kid for drugs and mental illness and diseases like HIV, but why not avoid it all together to avoid that burden on her family if they haven’t disowned her, and on society.

Most of you will say a baby is a miracle, a blessing…NOT ALWAYS.

Another man stands up for women. A federal judge just ruled that Trump’s rule that doctors could deny abortions for religious or moral reasons is unconstitutional after women’s groups, health organizations and multiple states sued the Department of Health and Human Services. The judge stated that the so-called conscience rule was too coercive, allowing DHH to withhold billions in federal funding unless health care providers complied. He added the rule was “arbitrary and capricious.” You can read his 147-page ruling, but I just summed it up for you.

Now about Trump: In his campaign ads that are in English, he calls for the deportation of all illegal aliens. In his campaign ads that are in Spanish, he doesn’t say that. See the game he is playing.

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