No one is born with all the knowledge of the world. No one. If someone claims he or she knows more than anyone else, he or she is pretty naive or egotistical. 


Take the source of the latest drama in Washington, the killing of the Iranian general. People in the Middle East have one thing in abundance. They may not have many, fancy palaces, or many luxury items. What they have is pride. Lots of it. When you live in almost any part of the Middle East you are born into the bottom of the barrel and you stay there. That will be your station for the rest of your life. War is something everyone is used to. It is everybody’s Neighbor. From birth to death. 

Disarray defines America’s foreign policy. America is no longer a trusted friend. There are people in charge that believe their way is the right way. These people are called war hawks. Killing this general is okay. We will avenge hundreds of dead Americans the past few years. No one knows with precision how many terrorist groups there are in the middle east. The two primary enemies of the terrorist groups are Israel and America. The killing of the Iranian general solidified the hatred these groups have against America. 


“He blames everybody before him for the starting the problem”.


The Middle East is often described as a cauldron. It is awfully hot in there. Bullets flying everywhere from everywhere. Every president has looked for a solution. Every president has failed. Except Trump. He blames everybody before him for the starting the problem. He can’t seem to realize that when he became president, he inherited all the problems that came with the office. Lock, stock and barrel. 

Iran struck back as they promised. 

Trump is said to be compulsive and just do what he wants. If we look at the rocket war between him and Iran. Iran won. Iran clearly told us what they were going to avenge the death of their general. They did. Afterwards, they left wiggle room for Trump to exit the fracas with some dignity. All our military bases in the region are within reach of Iran. Their rockets are capable of reaching most of our forces. To continue fighting Iran was going to result in an enormous loss of life on both sides. 

So. Republicans can be described as war hawks. They believe in war. They want to show the world that we are the strongest military in the world. War hawks believe that war is the solution to all the problems of the world. War hawks slobber when they look at our capacity. Start a war and they grab rifles. And hand 

them to our children who are the ones that fight the wars. Yup, Republican hawks love wars. Especially the ones they don’t fight in. 

The Navy and the Air Force can bomb almost anywhere with impunity. America has a lot of bombs, smart and dumb. We can drop bombs anywhere, any time. No one can stop us. There is no limit to the death and destruction that we can bring from the air. Our air game is superb. No one can beat us. Our ground game. Not there. Our ground game could not beat the North Vietnamese. We do not have a ground game for Iraq. After all it was America that got rid of their dictator and brought the chaos. Trump’s “I did not it.” is not a game plan. It is just an admission that he does not have one. 

It is frightening to me to see an administration that in my opinion is totally incompetent. I can only say, “Hold on.” the best is yet to come. If you vote, you have done your part. \ 

If you don’t vote, you need to get off your seat and vote. Elections begin next month. Get ready. Register and vote. This madness can only be stopped at the ballot box. 


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