My Corona Frame of Mind

By Joe M. Govea



During this current time of the pandemic most of the churches had to close in order to help stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. Christians everywhere were jolted into a new reality. Their house of worship was closed! We Catholics were not able to participate in the sacred ritual of the Mass. We demonstrate our love for God when we join in the sacrificial offerings and now we couldn’t partake! Other Christians have reacted differently to the absence of group worship. I have come to believe that God has given us a rude awakening.  
Many had strayed from a relationship with him. A lot of us got too relaxed about God and what he wants from us. The jolt of losing the privilege of congregational church meetings has forced a new mind set. Those believers relaxed in group style of worship woke up. The significance of a personal relationship with God for many had been missing. A new frame of mind has developed. I see this happening from testimonies on the internet. The importance of a one on one talk to God through prayers has increased. This private way of expressing Love and Honor to God has much value. I believe it is what God wanted. He wants us to form and increase a personal relationship with him. It took a pandemic for the multitudes to realize this. 
The Bible has story after story of how God brings back those who have wandered away from his sphere of Love.  
Love is part of our natural relationship to God. 
During this time of pandemic, I had and interesting observation about love. The other morning, like we always do, my lovely wife and I went outside to sit on the patio. Our little dog likes to stay outside so it is always a pleasure to see him run up to us wagging his tail happy to see us. He comes up to me wanting me to pet him to show that I am happy to see him as well. I love that little guy. My petting him is my way expressing that love. You can tell it makes him happy when we exchange these love jesters. He is a good dog. His showing love for me makes me want to love him back. It increases my desire to want to take good care of him. I know he depends on me for food, water, shelter and companionship. So, it makes me happy to want to do that and more for him. 
In the same way that is how God is towards us. He likes it when we show our love for him. He likes it when we stop what we are doing and give up some of our limited time here on earth to talk to him. So don’t you see, it makes God happy when we show our love for Him. He in return will show His Love for us as well. Kind of like what I do to my little doggy’s show of love for me. I appreciate it and I like that he shows me love. 
Talk to God every day and tell him that you Love him. Do this by praying to Him and give him thanks. He answers by continuing to take care of us and leads us through our everyday life. It makes Him happy to show his Love for us as well.
When you are able to get back to Church you should appreciate Mass more. All the prayers recited during the ritual have been established to totally pay homage to God. Participate in all those canonical prayers. Listen carefully or follow them in your missal as the Priest is saying them. Those prayers were established hundreds of years ago. They all lead to the Eucharist our communion with God through Jesus Christ.  
We have been prevented from communion for a little while by this pandemic. Our personal relation with God has been increased because of it. So, if you want to know how to make God happy, just use your loving little pet as an example. After all you are his lord and master. He looks up to you for love and happiness. And that my friends is just as we should also do every day towards God. 

Peace and Love to you all,
Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize

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