The consequence was a bloody Civil War Modern ultra-conservativism has evolved slowly and gradually.




“The consequence was a bloody Civil War. “


Traditionally, there have been two leading ideologies in politics, conservatism and liberalism.  They have served the country well.  The two groups would jostle amongst themselves, and jockey for position to see which one would get the most out of negotiations.  This was politics as it was envisioned.  The jostling and jockeying did not work. There would be no compromise on the issue of slavery. The consequence was a bloody Civil War.  There were two sides, Yanks and Rebs.  The Yankees won; the Rebels lost.  The Civil War solidified White hatred towards African Americans.

“Civil rights abuses were rampant”. 


There were accommodations after the Civil War and eventually, politics went back to almost the same.  Then came the Industrial Revolution.  It was a time for American industry to expand enormously.  Civil ‘Rights did not expand as rapidly as the economy.  Civil rights abuses were rampant.  Eventually Congress acted to prevent some of the most egregious violations of the Robber Barons.  After the Industrial Revolution, America went through Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War and Vietnam.

 All the while there was hatred and animosity against freed slaves. African Americans may have attained their freedom, but they were not free.  White Southerners passed laws that limited the freedom of African Americans, starting with the Poll Tax, a tax that that people had to pay so they could vote.  Segregation was still the law of the land.


To correct these atrocities Congress passed the Civil Rights Act.  This was the beginning of the Civil Rights Era. Suddenly, hundreds if not thousands of monuments were erected commemorating the patriotism of the Confederates.  A grim reminder that to the victor do not always go the spoils of war.  After the passage of the Civil Rights Act, Southern Democrats left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party.  The Republicans took their disdain for minorities with them to their new adopted party.  They became Conservative Republicans.  Segregationists would be a better description. 


There was a social awakening during the Vietnam War.  The Vietnam War changed the outlook of Whites towards minorities.  Fighting side by soldiers depended on each other for survival.   There was equality in the battlefield.  Americans began to protest the US involvement in Vietnam.  Whites protested the war; minorities protested the social injustices perpetrated on them by Whites.  For us of Mexican descent, we may have been classified as White but we were anything but white.


For over twenty years I have listened to conservative talk shows.  I was impressed with some of their ideas.  As time passed, I noticed that there was a change from ideas to outright hatred of the left.  All of it.  They also advocated for a conservative takeover of government.  At first it was stacking the Supreme Court with conservatives.  Then it was electing Republicans to congress.  Eventually, the presidency.   Through their large following, conservative talk shows and Fox News were able to influence legislation, elections and the appointment of federal judges.


As talk show heads and Fox News acquired more viewers and listeners ultra conservatives became more assertive.  These listeners are also voters.  The ballot box is what makes ultra conservatives politically powerful.  We keep in mind that that is how Hitler took control of Germany.  Like Hitler, Ultra Conservatisms about White Nationalism and Supremacy.  


Republicans have made a debacle and mockery out of the impeachment hearings.  They have offered two defenses for Trump’s behavior, denigrating those that have testified, echo all the lies that Trump says.  These folks have no value for the truth.  The constitution means nothing.  It is a worthless piece of paper.  They all took an oath to defend and protect the constitution of the United States.  They are words with no meaning.


What makes Trump dangerous?  He is neither a Republican nor a conservative.  He is a pawn for the ultra conservatives of Fox News and right-wing talking heads.  He believes the 2d Amendment gives him all the power.  He wants to start a national radio to compete with CNN.  National public radio is how dictators control people.  These two actions alone make him a danger to our democracy.  With the Supreme Court and the congress stacked with conservatives, democracy does not stand a chance.  We could be the next Venezuela.


Ultimately, the future of the country is in the hands of the Supreme Court. 


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