Trump was briefed on the need for a virus and antivirus campaign in 2017. 


He ignored it. He was briefed twice regarding Corona Virus in 2019. He ignored it. Those of you who recall why I called him Jackass Trump in the last column, will get further authentication in this column.

He also demands gratitude from mayors and governors. So, you see, they have to kiss his ass before asking for medical supplies like masks, gowns and ventilators, which as you know are in very short supply.  These supplies exist in the Strategic National Stockpile, (SNS). Trump has recently stated that he is not here to be a distribution center. Well I hope you are here for some good reason Turkey Trump, because you have not been good for much.

COVID 19-3.png

His crooked son-in-law Jared Kushner very recently stated that the National Stockpile “is supposed to be for us!”, drawing frowns from the audience. And if you do not think Kushner is crooked, watch the Netflix series “Dirty Money” and go to the episode: “Slumlord Millionaire.” Sounds like the whole clan might be crooked.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, (a great guy if you ever listen to any of his briefings on MSNBC), requested a large order of ventilators from Trump and the SNS, said he would even pay for them. They did not fill it at all because it was too large an order. Do you suspect that Jackass Kushner is hoarding all of that so he can gouge later prices, something that should be GIVEN to states to begin with? Watch the Netflix Series DIRTY MONEY, episode on SLUMLORD MILLIONAIRE and you would be convinced too!


Trump recently said that we do not have to wear masks. Then the CDC, (Center for Disease Control) said we need to. Trump quietly changed his mind. But while he said we did not need to wear masks, Trump secretly ordered 3600 masks for his White House staff.

How many times has Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has served many presidents, contradicted Trump? But guess what? Now Dr. Fauci is receiving threats, possibly death threats, from the right -wing. Why, because he contradicts Jackass Trump and his base cannot stand “the great supreme stable genius” being contradicted. Trump re-tweeted the “Time to #FireFauci” tweet but did not fire him because his staff probably told him his approval rating would go down to 30%.

How about this: Instead of addressing the virus issue, Jackass Trump opens by bragging that he is number one on Facebook hits. Wrong again lying breath, President Obama is number one with twice as many hits as you. You know that Trump will not take the blame for anything. He was recently asked if he was at all responsible for the condition, we are in. He said, “I’m not responsible for any of this.” He blames everything on everybody else, on President Obama, the nation’s governors, Congress, Democrats in general, the World Health Organization (WHO).

He canceled funding to the WHO, and his action drew scorn from many individuals and entities. And two items about the governors: Jackass Trump said they should be solving the crisis, not him, when in fact he has all the resources. Also, Trump says only he can open the country, not individual governors for their own states. That is not only WRONG, but the GOP has always argued states’ rights. When kiss-ass Pence, former governor of Indiana, was asked about this, Pence simply bowed to Trump.


And therefore, I say again, Trump is a pox upon this country, a virus upon this country.

And here is another Jackass, the Republican governor of Florida, Jackass Ron DeSantis. He would not shut down the crowded beaches during spring break. Oh, he made all kinds of excuses, but he wanted the money. Spring breakers spend tons of money on hotels, booze, food, beach blankets, canopies, umbrellas, beach space, souvenirs, night entertainment, and who knows what else. Man did Jackass DeSantis take in a ton of money. I think all these Trumpists think alike.

Back to Trump as more develops. He just fired Glenn Fine, the man who he hired just days before to oversee the Corona Virus relief funds. It seemed Fine was doing his job. Now Trump and Kushner can exploit the funds and use them for their own personal gain of wealth. They can also distribute the funds to folks they like, donors, fellow GOPs. Now, two Democratic congressmen are demanding answers from Trump over Kushner’s methods of distribution.

It was reported on “Morning Joe”, the show run by Joe Scarborough, former congressman, and now FORMER Republican and his wife, that possibly Trump wants only himself, Ivanka and Kushner in the White House operations., Former Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis rebuked Trump for the firing.

Again, the only way we can have safe voting this Fall is to have mail-in ballots. Jackass Trump will not allow this, he says mail ins would be corrupt. Bullcrap! Trump was asked, isn’t he doing a mail-in ballot. He said that is because he couldn’t go down to Florida to vote. More bullcrap, he spends most of his time at Mara Lago, Florida at considerable taxpayer expense.

It is known by the GOP that the more people who would vote, the more chance of a Democratic victory in November. And mail-in ballots would cause more people to vote. Jackass Trump is the one who is corrupt!

It was just reported to me that we had a U.S. CDC official in China in 2017 who was supposed to monitor viruses and diseases. Jackass Trump fired him in July 2019. Also, while the administration officials urged Trump to stop flights to and from Europe for weeks, he did not do it until too late. Combined with the fact that Jackass Trump delayed doing so many things to combat the virus, lying about it all along the way, HOW MANY CORONA VIRUS DEATHS IS TRUMP RESPONSIBLE FOR?

You know how Trump keeps bragging about the malaria drug for curing Corona virus. IT HAS SINCE BEEN DISPROVEN, but Jackass Trump keeps saying, “Take it, what have you got to lose, so take it.” It turns out, according to TV host Seth Meyers, that Trump has a financial interest in the drug. You guessed it, take it and it probably means more money in his pocket.

Now Jackass Trump says he is discontinuing federal funds for Corona virus testing. What a guy, what a guy. MSN reported that Trump “has many tasks, but still no plan for COVID-19.” (Corona virus)

Here is a juicy one: Blacks and Hispanics catch more Corona virus than any other ethnic groups, mostly because of being poor or semi-poor, not having insurance, can’t afford to go to the doctor, having to work despite all the warnings. Do you suspect Trump’s people got their half-wit evil minds together and decided, hey Mr., how about delaying your response to the virus? You think I am wrong? Then add this to it: The Democrats wanted to delay their State primary until July. The Republicans insisted, NO, you are going to have it now, early April. The Supreme Court even upheld the GOP decision. So, then all the Democrats had to line up and get exposed to the virus. This is EVIL.

When and if you get your stimulus check, Trump’s name will be on the check. This is the first time a president’s name has ever been on a Treasury check, and it is nothing more than narcissism and pandering for votes.

If this column is long, it is simply because Trump is long on lies, long on the blame-game, long on not being responsible, long on delaying actions, long on narcissism, long on clouding and confusing the nation, well you could probably add a few.

Former Vice President Joe Biden just told Trump that it’s time Trump take responsibility. It is time we pinned the tail on Jackass Trump!


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