The impeachment trial of Trump has begun. Kind of. The senate has gone through is parliamentary procedures and all the pomp and circumstance that comes with the territory. Pretty impressive.
What is on trial are the constitution and the senate. Will the senate allow the president to trample on the US constitution? Will the senators follow their oath to remain impartial? 


Trump is a pompous president. As monarch, the rules do not apply to him, he makes the rules. His knowledge and power are omnipresent. According to the House he has overextended his power. He is being charged with two articles of impeachment. The House will present its case to the senate. The senate is the final arbiter. It will decide if Trump remains as president or he goes back home, wherever that is. 

A lot has been said about Trump not being the usual president, he follows his own rules of decorum even if the rules are not in congruence with the constitution, social or political norms. He is a loner. He takes advice from aides only if the advice agrees with his feelings. 


“Fox News has a lot in common with the Soviet Izvestia newspaper”.


Trump bit off more than he could chew when he became president. He overlooked the tenacity of Nancy Pelosi his main opponent. She is one tough lady and she is going to go forward regardless of Trump’s shenanigans. On the impeachment Trump knew he could not cope with Pelosi. He bet that even if he was impeached by the House the senate would exonerate him. From the very beginning Trump started his “I did not do anything wrong.” song and every Republicans played the same song every opportunity they had. They also attacked the process, Trump did not get a fair trial, Trumps did not get to interview witnesses, Democrats hate Trump was the most repeated. Everything the Republicans postulated was meant to convey the same message, Trump did nothing wrong. 


Rand Paul has threatened Republican senators with waging a strong campaign to throw them out of office if they side with the Democrats.
The Democrats in the House presented a strong case for impeachment. However. Starting with the leader Mitch McConnell, the Democrat case if flawed because they have no witnesses. True. So. There is no case for impeachment so the whole thing needs to be thrown out. This is nothing more than a coverup. Nothing can be presented that implicates Trump. Not even the witness that appeared yesterday and says, Trump knew everything. 

The Republican Party acts as if all of us out here are Fox News fans. Not So. Fox News has a lot in common with the Soviet Izvestia newspaper. The paper was the  propaganda arm of the government. The government controlled all content. That is Fox News. You are going to get little content on anything that is negative to conservatives or Trump. There can be no controversy. But they attack the left unmercifully. If you listen to Fox you are going to lean right. Chances are you will not listen to any other source of information. In Putin fashion, you are brainwashed. 

Those Americans that are not Fox followers will ultimately decide which side is right. I ask the question again, are you a Kool aid drinker? 

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