Not the head coach, but their kicker. Finally! J.J. has made it clear that come Hell or High-Water Garret will finish the season as the Cowboy coach. And, hey maybe if you still believe in the Easter Bunny Garrett will get the boys to the promised land (Super Bowl). In an informal poll with just the people around me including myself – nobody believes that will happen. What say you?


And, who can blame me/them in 10 seasons the Cowboys have won 2 playoff games and 3 division titles and has the record for 8&8 seasons which screams mediocracy! I do not believe that any other NFL team would keep a coach with that record. Pero, Garret has something most other coaches don’t have, he is okay with the owner meddling in his coaching decisions. In addition, Jerry is the only owner/G.M. that talks to the press in the locker-room after each game. This may often lead to Jerry saying one thing and the head coach saying the opposite. This cannot be good for anybody.

Either way the next coach talk fills a lot of space -both on the radio and in print and of course NFL and ESPN talking heads. A lot has been said about Steven Jones already having a conversation with former Ohio State and Zeke’s college coach Urban Meyer. Reportable- he has not denied being interested. Other names, Saints coach Sean Payton returns home to the Cowboys. Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Oklahoma Coach Lincoln Riley and Former OK coach and current Dallas XFL coach Bob Stopes. You may have more but this what I’ve heard. Pero, there is another name out there that intrigues me more than any of the above and that is Greg Roman. Many might say who the H** is that, well I’m’ glad you asked. He is the current offensive coordinator for the Ravens. And they are tops in the NFL in scoring averaging 33.8 points per game. He has been described as the ultimate football man and Q.B. whisperer and that is certainly not something he just did with Lamar Jackson. When he was with the Niners he helped Colin Kaepernick get them into the Super Bowl. I believe he will be hired as a head coach next season; will it be the Cowboys Quien Saba (Who Knows), you must ask Jerry?

Whoever it is I hope he gets to be able to hire his own staff, not try to work with who Jerry gives you (So dumb) no other team does that? They must have the final say on personal and when to go for it on 4th down as it seems as Jerry has also had a say in that lately. All this is nothing new and I’m’ not saying anything the average fan knows. Pero, recently Troy Aikman also said it in an interview. So maybe if he won’t listen to me and you maybe he will listen to Troy. I do believe Jerry wants another Super Bowl badly and he knows the clock is ticking for him and many of the old Tom Landry era fans. Let’s hope for the best, as for this Sunday’s game against the Rams I’m’ not even sure if ill’ watch. My focus is already on next season.

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