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I also remember COVID-19 was ravaging our country. And yes, driving down gas prices because of simple supply and demand. To be clear, most of us were stuck at home.

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K.M. response to me
OK, you voted for Biden – what’s your secret agenda? Gerbils? Sniffing? Crossdressing?

Another response to K.M
I don’t think they made a political statement. All they did was talk about supply and demand and its effect on markets. Understanding basic economics is kinda important, regardless of political party.

Alberto Govea
My response to K.M.; (no agenda)

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I am not a big social media person, Pero, since I am part of a media company I must partake at times. Personally, I really try not to get into divisive stuff like politics and religion. However, when I saw the above post, I could not help but respond with just some common sense.

I realize that social media is being weaponized by some in our country and others not from our country. So just to add some clarity, gas prices in 2020 were not normal. That for the benefit of people that maybe have forgotten the truth about 2020 and what caused the drop in gas prices. To be clear even though I did not state in my response it was because of who was in the White House.

Just like I don’t think Biden has much to do with the current prices now or when it was 50 cents less than it now. If the price of gas is the only reason you vote one way or the other, you must own one of the gas giants. Or maybe your living depends on the same. Either way I hope you consider other things besides yourself. Pero, your vote, your choice.

Oh, and for the record to K.M. as for Gerbils they do make for nice pets in fact my son had one as a child, not sure what you mean by sniffing, cross dressing not my thing but hey if your thing no judgment here. One last thing I really wish that we could go back to a time, not that long ago where we could have civil discourse. Without bringing personal attacks or crazy talk into the conversation. Anyway, that’s what I think. What do you think?

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