If you look at a dollar bill or any instrument that has the Great Seal of the United States you will see this phrase, E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. From the very beginning the founding fathers knew the importance of unity. The United States was created out of thirteen different colonies, each one with its own government its own leader. We have never been a homogenous society. 

The United States was created with the constitution of 1787. Eventually, slavery divided the country. Some states decided that they no longer wanted to be part of the union. They seceded and created the Confederate States of America. The need for unity was so great that a civil war was fought to preserve this unity. With the defeat of the confederacy the United States was once again – one. 


We may have been united geographically, but demographically we were many. Demographically we come in all shades from every country in the world. Socially, we have never been one. Social divisions have existed from the very beginning. No group has been exempted from racial bigotry. We have been just as divided politically. Power has shifted from one group to another based on their participation in voting. 

Now we face a different threat. Along comes a man (Trump) that uses these political and social divisions to attain power. We are no longer a united country. As experts like to say, we are now a tribal society. Loyalty to the tribe is it. No one can deviate from tribal norms. To do so makes you an outcast, an enemy. Like Mitt Romney for having voted against Trump. If you want to learn tribe behavior study Africa. 


“By acquitting Trump Congress has ceded its power to Trump”.


The power of the tribe was demonstrated in the impeachment of Trump. Only one Republican voted for his impeachment. Everyone else toed the line, afraid of dire consequences for voting this conscious. Some stated that he was guilty. Not just that guilty. If he was accused of abusing his power, he is doing that even more now. Look at the Department of Justice. It is not there to look out for the welfare of our country. It is there to protect Trump and carry out his mandates. 

There is something that often confuses many, even academicians. Tribal leaders do not give or holler out orders. A tribal leader suggests or hints at what he wants. 

And whatever it is, it gets done. I learned this from an Army office. I filled in for the general’s typist one day. As a typist I had to make corrections on correspondence. In this case I wrote that the general had ordered…. an officer came to me and rewrote the sentence telling me that generals never gave orders, they “desire”. 

By acquitting Trump Congress has ceded its power to Trump. We no longer have a constitution and we are no longer united demographically or politically. The congress is politically impotent. 

Immigration is probably the most divisive issue in America. It is divisive because nobody agrees on what to do. It is the same for medical care. These two issues allow other issues to fester like abortion and gun control. There is an ideological divide in these issues. The issue in immigration is race, color and fear. White Americans are frightful of America becoming a “brown” nation. Race is just one of the issues that polarizes America. It is the easiest one to exploit. 

As I walk around, I see that there is considerable integration and unity. I can see areas that are racially divided. The divisions comes as a result of geographic isolation. Another division I see id a class division that to me is mostly due to a lack of education. Education is the great equalizer. 

I have heard the expression “we are a nation of laws” so many times that I actually do believe it. At the moment Trump is manipulating the laws to benefit himself and his pals. His pals are convicted criminals, like the sheriff in Arizona. While his actions may be legal, they are highly immoral and an abuse of presidential power. 

If you want your children to enjoy the fruits of democracy that the founding fathers created, you have to get everyone to vote. Someone was supposed to go to Washington and drain the swamp. 

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