El Weekender Exclusive interview with the Monday Night Hero.

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…”So what were you doing in New York and at the game”?

A.G; I have many questions, but I think most people want to know a little bit about you since you took the internet by storm.

G.N.; Pues (Well) I am from Tejas and since people are still hung up on labels, I still consider myself a Chicano Cat and a Cowboy fan Por Vida (For Life)

A.G.; It also sounds like you are bilingual, is that correct?

G.N.; Si, but not only in Spanish, I also speak dog, bird y maz.

A.G. Impressive, so what were you doing in New York and at the game?

G.N. I was in New York to visit my Primo (Cousin) that had recently gone through some sh**. And, one of his home boys had some tickets for the standing room only section that they weren’t using. So, me and my Primo Chon decided Por Que No (Why Not)? 

A. G. So why did you decide to run into the field?

G. N. As I said before I am a Cowboy fan and after Dak threw that INT on first play I was like oh sh**, and then they continued struggling- I had to do something.

A.G. Well it worked although for a while it looked like you didn’t know which way to go.

G. N. Yea, well that was the beers and a little smoke I had before the game, Me entiendes (Understand)?

A.G. So how are you handling all the attention you are getting and where did you go after your T.D. run?

G. N. No hombre, Vato, my phone has been blowing up since Monday night. Pero, I told my Ruca (Woman) to tell everybody “No Comment”. Oh, after the run I had to take a leak, guess I got too excited.

A. G. So why did you decide to take my call?

G.N. Well la verda (the truth) is I have always been a fan of El Weekender and your monthly Nuestra Voz. I like the articles about la raza and when you trash Pinche Trump! And of course, El Cowboy Report, I always thought I would like to do that.

A.G. Pues, thank you for that, as for writing the Cowboy Report -I would be glad to give you a try out, do you want to cover the Monday night game against the Vikings?

G.N. Si for sure

A.G. Okay you’re’ on, just send me a bio and Pic so we can introduce you as our guest writer.

G.N. You got it vato and to your readers get ready for some real sh**, Gato style!





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