Diamond Hughes Sanchez graduated from Denton High School on May 22, 2020. And we asked Ms. Sanchez her take on Graduating during the 2020 COVID19 Pandemic. Below is her response.


..Many of the school events that were planned for Seniors were canceled. It seemed that everything we worked for was for not to be. Personally, my mental health was affected: 1) classes from home were stressful because it was hard to juggle all the time needed to finish requirements for each class. The assignments were very confusing because directions were not always clear. My mother works at the Denton State Supported-Living Center and my concern for my mother’s health was a big concern
for me. I was always also concerned that she may bring COVID-19 home. I have family in New York and knowing what was going on in New York also caused me great concern and stress. My boyfriend works as an EMT and my concern for his health also contributed to my high level of stress. 

2020 Denton High School Graduation at Texas Motor SpeedwayPhoto Credit:Diamond Hughes Sanchez

2020 Denton High School Graduation at Texas Motor Speedway

Photo Credit:Diamond Hughes Sanchez

Our graduation ceremony was hosted at the Texas Motor Speedway. Graduation was not very personal. We had no rehearsals, no time to share with classmates the joy of graduating. Graduation itself was rushed. We had to wear masks, gloves and sit six feet apart. Our messages had to be pre-recorded. Our families were parked in the parking lot to see us graduate. Right after the graduation ceremony, we went home. There was no place for pictures with family, receiving flowers, talking with friends and family. Graduation was not very personal. 

I plan on attending North Central Texas College for a couple of years and get my basics plus work toward obtaining a certificate so that I can get a job and further my studies. My long-term plans are to attend a University and study animation. 

It will go back to what it used to be but there is room for improvement. With all the protests, people need to learn to talk and listen to one another otherwise things can get worse. 

As a server in a fast food restaurant, my advice is to be considerate of others, stay home and wear your mask. We work because we need to work to earn money. Take care of your daily hygiene to include your mental health. Take time for yourself. Take walks, text your friends, gather with friends in small groups and most important, stay engaged. 


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