Trump keeps handing us all the information he needs to shoot himself in the foot every day. But, as I start writing this column on September 30th, 2019, I wanted first to make a prediction that you are not thinking of. Trade talks with China are set for October 12th. I predict that Trump will enter into an agreement. Even if China gets tough, Trump will fold into their conditions and say it is a “great” agreement, a “perfect” agreement. Why? Because he needs this distraction to keep his head above impeachment waters.


Now to business. The way Trump always accuses the truth of being fake news, I am surprised that he hasn’t said that the Moon landing was fake news. Maybe that’s next on his agenda. Personally, I think we have a fake president. By now, you should be aware that Congress approved $400 million in military aid to Ukraine to oppose Russia. And that Trump withheld that money until Ukraine did Trump’s dirty work on Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This was uncovered by a whistleblower.

No real president would charge the whistleblower with treason and then endanger the man’s life by saying you know what we did to traitors in the old days. No real president would do everything illegal to find the whistleblowers ID.

By the way, Republican presidential candidate William Weld charged Trump with treason for his act with Ukraine. And by the way, Trump’s appointed acting Director of National Intelligence, though he was trying to stonewall for Trump, said the whistleblower did the right thing.

Back to our thriller, no real president would ask whether Representative Adam Schiff, who is conducting impeachment inquiries, should be arrested and charged with treason for doing the right thing. No real president would say that if he gets impeached, there’s going to be a civil war.

 Trump is a very sick, fake president. He attempted to defend himself by saying the Kurds never helped us in WWII. Well for that matter Donald, neither did the Germans. Well, the Kurds did help in WWII. But then Trump in his perfect insanity said, the Kurds never helped us in Normandy (in WWII).  For several years I have had a picture of Trump in a strait jacket hanging on my wall. It’s where he belongs, impeached, then imprisoned for other crimes, then put in solitaire in a strait jacket.

Robert Mueller 2012: Wikipedia Commons

Robert Mueller 2012: Wikipedia Commons

Remember in 2016 when Trump stood on stage and asked a foreign country, Russia to dig up info on Secretary Hilary Clinton to interfere in our elections. Turns out Attorney General Barr sought help from a foreign country, Italy to discredit the FBI and the CIA. Also uncovered is that Trump sought a foreign country, Australia to investigate Robert Mueller’s investigation.

It would now be fair to say that Trump is a foreign body that must be removed from our side.

I have my own secret source inside the White House. He just called to tell me that he overheard the conversation between Trump and President Erdogan of Turkey. Trump said, if you get me some dirt on Joe Biden, I’ll pull our troops out and you can destroy our ally, the Kurds.

Just in: Mitt Romney says Trump’s push to get dirt from Ukraine is wrong and appalling. Also, Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, both of Iowa, broke ranks with Trump to defend the whistleblowers, saying they “should be protected, we have laws.” I’m sure some more brave, not-brainwashed, not-afraid, Republicans will follow.

If you do watch the news (maybe even FOX), you’ll have noticed that Trump is wildly flailing about these days, telling more lies as he goes along. Now, he says he wasn’t going after Vice President Biden, he was just going after corruption. When a reporter asked whether he had gone after any Republicans for corruption, Trump stammered and couldn’t answer.

The Republican party has turned into a mob. GOP Representative Mark Amodei simply said that Congress needs to “follow the facts.” About Trump being impeached. The GOP called him in and accused him of being a traitor.

Trump just decided to pull our troops out of northeast Syria after a call to the president of Turkey. Turkey had already amassed on the border to attack our allies, the Kurds and is now doing so. Trump calls his own decision “unmatched wisdom.” I guess, since several Republicans criticized him for his “unmatched wisdom”, when will the Republicans use their unmatched wisdom and desert Turkey Trump altogether. And I didn’t refer to the country when I said Turkey Trump!

Who is going to take the fall for Trump? Rick Perry? Rudy Giuliani? someone else in the wings? Get out of there as quick as you can Melania!

Just announced, the 2020 G7 meeting (7 countries) will be held in a Trump Miami hotel. Add up how much money Trump and his family have taken in from foreign countries (emoluments) which is illegal.

Keep this in mind, there may be another Republican Trump to come along, or maybe another Republican worse than him. And Republicans will stick with him almost to the man. Resist with all you have.

Earlier in this column I spoke of my secret source in the White House. For those of you who continued to read, I said that facetiously, but who knows how close to the truth that may actually be. But when some folks in Washington got to that part in this column, they crumpled the paper, jumped on a jet and are on their way to interrogate me now.

Folks, it’s been fun. I’ll see you next month…. or maybe not.

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