Boy can I remember my card playing days.  It sure felt good to put somebody else’s money in my pocket.  That money allowed me to splurge on things I would not otherwise be able to afford.  

The Kenny Rogers song is one that every one that has a craving for gambling should hear. “You pot to know when to hold them, know when to fold them.  “I saw so many people get burned because they had what they thought was a winning hand.  Moral of the story don’t bet all your money on a strong hand regardless of how strong it is.  I recall a hand when most of the players stayed to the end because they had real strong hands.  Amazing how strong a little flush of diamonds can be.  Especially when they are 2 to 6.  Beats 4 aces.  I think the great magician (Trump) should hear this song and govern accordingly.  

America is kind of in that situation.  Trump bragged about the stock market in his rallies, Always, in cloud 9 as it is never going to end.  Then out of nowhere Coronavirus appears.  Know it all Trump says not to worry the virus will magically go away.  If not, then warm weather will take care of it.  As everything else, now the Coronavirus is being labeled as a hoax.  Now according to Fox News, they are “The most trusted news….”  well, Fox has labeled the Coronavirus a “hoax”.  You kind of have to be a little quirky to believe anything Fox or Trump say.  If their goal is to destroy America, they are doing a good job of it.  Fox News is a very bad example of how damaging freedom of expression can be.  

What we know about the virus is that young people and old people need to stay away from it.  So many different ways have been created as a salutations that it is  hard to follow them all.  Some Fox News source is quoted as saying that the ones that died were just “old people”.  A lot of compassion in Fox News.

The great magician (Trump) waved his wand and the virus spread faster.  He waved his wand and the stock market dived deeper.  But all is okay because he is now waving his finger pointing in all directions blaming anyone near and far for the Coronavirus calamity.  The magic wand must have worked on Joe Biden, he has surged ahead of Bernie Sanders. Of course, Trump is already making the same accusations against Biden that he made against Hilary.  Dirty politics and the untruth are the realm of the great magician.

As we get ready for the presidential election, ask yourself if you want to be led by blatant liars.


– El Corderro

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