As Americans, we believe that the writers of the American Constitution were geniuses.




.  Many Americans believe that the American Constitution was written in a vacuum and inspired by God; that these writers, through the grace of God, were inspired to write such a great document.   The reality was, these men were very learned men and they were very aware of the political environment in which they lived in and the struggles of the masses.  They recognized that the Iroquois Confederation had been able to unite the tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy to bring about peace and prosperity to those who made up the Iroquois Confederacy.  Therefore, they adopted many of the policies of the Iroquois Confederacy.  The writers were also wary of the type of government that existed in Europe and the problems it created.  Their inspiration was their knowledge of the past and their desire not to repeat the mistakes of the past.  That inspiration resulted in the creation of a federal government made up of three equal branches of government that was incorporated into all the states.  These branches of government include the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and the Legislative Branch.  Throughout our history, the Constitution has had to be amended because it is not perfect.  A Civil War was fought to confirm that all men are created equal.  

“Most people believe the president is the leader of the United States”.   


Today, America faces a threat to its existence as grave as the Civil War.  The threat comes in the form of one branch of government having more power than the other two branches.  Most people believe the president is the leader of the United States.   Nevertheless, the Executive branch is only one branch of the three branches that makes decisions on behalf of the United States.  The difference between the three branches is that in two branches of government the decisions are shared among individuals as opposed to the executive branch where power is concentrated in one person.  That still does not negate the fact that the President only holds one third of the governing power.  Our form of government is meant to be one of checks and balances.   Each branch of government has governing powers that are unique to that branch and each branch must respect each other’s powers.  

Today, we have a president who has no problem lying to the American people–he stated that he would release his taxes if elected (did not happen), he has placed family members in positions that require top secret clearances  without passing the investigation (nepotism), he uses his position to make money for his family and business, he advises his subordinates to disregard congressional subpoenas and has offered pardons to those who lie for him,  etc.  Congress, which is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, should stand together to investigate the lawless behavior of the president.  Instead, the Republican party has decided to support this president’s lawlessness.  What if you and I decided to disregard a subpoena– what would happen to us?  If we have nothing to hide, why disregard a subpoena?  Attorney General Barr decided to interpret Muller’s report in favor of Trump rather than providing Congress with the report and letting them draw their own conclusions.  The tactic of Barr releasing his own opinion prior to the real conclusion of Muller has allowed the Muller report to be misinterpreted by those who believe that they are more intelligent than the American people.   This is an insult not only to Congress but to the whole country.  The American people are not stupid and should be allowed to draw their own conclusions based upon all the facts.  Senator McConnell refused to allow President Obama to bring before the senate judicial nominees for the federal courts.   It is the President’s constitutional responsibility to nominate judicial candidates.  Senator McConnell refused to allow these nominees to be interviewed by the Senate.  This is against the Constitutional division of powers.   Today, we have a Senate and a president who are filling the Judicial branch with nominees who think just like they do, who thinks that corporate America is America and that the American citizens are the property of Corporate America.  America has been down the road before where corporate America owned the workers.  There was a time when 16 hour days were the norm, when overtime pay did not exist, when vacation leave did not exist, when sick leave did not exist,  when a 7 day work week was the norm, when women, Blacks and  Native Americans were not eligible to vote, etc.  America has come a long way from that dark period, but there continues to exist individuals who want to see us go backwards.  Back to when workers were slaves to Corporate America. The road of history is full of fallen empires that were destroyed by leaders who thought they knew best and citizens who followed blindly.   

Never in American history has a president or a few individuals in the Congress been so adamant about party above country.  It is time to take our country back for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  It is our responsibility to make sure that the three branches of government work for the American people, not for the elite or corporate rich.  The Constitution is the bed rock of our freedom– not the Executive branch, not the Legislative branch nor the Judicial branch.  The United States Constitution is a constitution by and for the people.  Is America in a Constitutional Crisis?

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