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Get ready for the highly-anticipated second season of “Lopez vs Lopez” on Tuesday, April 2! The show features Mayan Lopez as herself, along with her real-life father, George Lopez, and Selenis Leyva as Rosie, the loving mother. This fun-loving and dysfunctional trio creates a family dynamic that will keep you laughing endlessly. 

                  Beyond the humor, the show delivers a powerful message about the importance of forgiveness and family. Mayan Lopez’s childhood experiences with a famous father struggling with alcoholism and divorced parents inspired her to share her story with the world through TikTok videos, which ultimately led to the creation of this sitcom by Debby Wolfe. 

                  In my conversation with Mayan, she revealed that sharing her story was a way to connect with others and turn pain into laughter. She believes that the relationship between her and her father represents the struggles of many families dealing with estrangement and reconciliation after divorce. Mayan Lopez and Selenis Leyva praised Creator Debby Wolfe’s ability to turn Mayan’s background into something relatable for many American families. 

                  As a comedian, Mayan felt it was important to be brave and truthful about her life, and luckily, Debby Wolfe saw that spark in that idea. She was so grateful that Debby approached her and her dad to create the show together. Mayan would have never thought “Lopez Vs. Lopez” would be going into the second season when she posted her original TikTok about her family. With that, Mayan is keeping the Lopez family legacy going, but this time, we have a Latina taking the forefront. 

                  While Lopez Vs. Lopez is a show about family, it also showcases the resilience of women. Mayan and her on-screen mom, Rosie, both exhibit a powerful strength in laughter. Both women have experienced the pain of facing disappointment in a husband or father, but neither shy away from starting a family or trying new business ventures.

                   During a conversation with Selenis Leyva, I asked her if she felt a connection to Rosie’s character as a strong and determined mother and businesswoman. She revealed that as a New Yorker originally from the Bronx, she naturally brings toughness to all her characters. Selenis loves portraying Latinas who are not victimized and are instead strong and independent, which is exactly how she saw Rosie. Rosie is a “badass” who has a business and can hold her own against her on-screen ex-husband, George Lopez. Despite being excited to work with George Lopez, Selenis remains focused on the job and strives to do her best with an icon.

                  Hola Texas is celebrating Mayan Lopez and Selenis Leyva in honor of Women’s History Month. Both women have overcome challenges in the movie and TV industry but have persevered. I asked Selenis if she had any advice for young Latina actresses, and she emphasized the importance of being prepared, especially as a woman of color. Noting how women must come prepared to give auditions their all and make it difficult for casting directors to say no to them. Mayan encourages comedians like herself to trust the process and to find their personal strength to integrate their truth into their comedy.

                  Mayan and Selenis hinted at some exciting news about George and Rosie, but it may not be what you think! And if you were not part of the 4.7 million viewers who watched the first season of Lopez vs Lopez, it is streaming on Peacock to watch before the season 2 premiere on NBC on April 2.

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