The year was 1996, Pokemon was first introduced into the world, the Macarena became all the rave after first debuting in 1993. In sports the New York Yankees won the World Series after an 18-year drought (I’d take that) on the basketball court Michael Jordan and the Bulls were heading into their second three-peat. And finally, the Cowboys finally got the Pittsburgh Steelers monkey off their back beating them 27-17. 

A Govea



 The Hall Famer Troy Aikman led the Cowboys and follow Hall Famers Emmitt and Michael collectively known as the triplets. Coaching this team was Barry Switzer after Jimmy Johnson left but not before winning rings in 1992 and 1993. Most fans wanted him to stay. And were mad when Jimmy and Jerry had their well-publicized break up. Jerry bragged that he could win any of 500 college coaches. History tells us now that maybe Jerry may have overestimated his own value in the role of G.M. They won the last one after Jimmy left with Barry Switzer. Jerry crowed like I told you so, but most still called it Jimmy’s team. 

  As for the game itself, Troy had a normal work man like performance going 15 of 23 for 209 yards with one T.D. toss. Emmitt had 49 yards on 18 rushes with a long of 23, Michael caught 5 for 76 with a long ball for 20. Deion Sanders caught one for 47 yards for a big play. On defense it was truly a team effort with Charles Haley and Tony Tolbert 1 sack each. Chad Hennings’s had 2, Larry Brown had 2 picks for 77 yards and walked away with MVP. Just another Sunday afternoon for this team that had the winning thing figured out.  


  Something around here since then has been in short supply. Oh, there has been the occasional 12/4—13-3 seasons that got us all excited. Tony Romo, Marian, the Barbarian, Dez and a bevy of others looked for real. Pero there was always something missing. It always ended short of the conference championship, much less being able to smell a Super Bowl. The playoffs since 1996 have brought more heartache than glory. For a while most fans worried about other teams passing our 5 Lombardi Trophies. And of course, the Pats took care of that which leaves Cowboy fans saying well at least it wasn’t San Francisco. Pero here we are starting training camp and hey this season we get to watch the boys on Hard Knocks. Will I watch?

  I want to say no, Pero I probably will at least peek, will you? Jerry Jones is his overly confident as always, Pero he broke up twice. I believe as most of us when you get older that time may not be on your side anymore. And because of that, little things sometimes take on a bigger meaning than maybe 20 years ago, he is 78. He still did his Jerry speak but a surprise to me and most was that he finally admitted to perhaps letting Jimmy go was a mistake. Most thought that he would have to be on his deathbed to admit that, if ever. Winds of change in the air? Maybe.


  Dak is back, Zeke is showing off how fit he is on workout videos. I believe we have the best set of receivers in the NFL. As for the defense we have a new coach (Dan Quinn) a few new players including first-round draft choice L.B. Micah Parsons. Head Coach Mike McCarthy should be out of excuses and show us he deserves the spot once held by a legend (Not Jason) Hopeful will have a positive report about the first week of training camp to talk about next week. GO COWBOYS, don’t think I can hold on another 25 years waitng on a Super Bowl. Macarena anyone?

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