The New World-El Nuevo Mundo E Easter


When I started writing I completely forgot Easter was coming up and I am sure I am not the only one that has. Life is different now, the world is different now, priorities are different now and on and on. 


  I was at the Post Office recently, only one person was allowed inside until one person came out and you were asked to stand six feet apart while waiting inline. Well nobody was really doing this I myself was only to separate a little bit because people behind me were not abiding by the rule. In walks a sixty something White guy and strikes up a conversation with the lady behind me that also happened to be White and sixty something. This guy immediately is bothered by line and the rules and says, ‘I do not know why all this happening, I believe this is the work of the liberal left-wing media’. The lady agrees with him and they both continue the its all ‘Just a lie talk’. I do my best to ignore them but they are to close and suddenly I find myself saying ‘I believe it , I believe we have a real pandemic like none of us has ever seen’ The guy responds by ‘Well I haven’t seen any people die like they are reporting’. I respond by saying ‘I’m’ glad you haven’t’ and hope that you won’t have to’ That stopped the exchange, maybe they said something else after I went inside, either way who cares. 

  Which gets me to my main message, COVID 19 is real and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Second, we are all in this together and we Are Our Brothers/Sisters keeper, what you or don’t do can affect us all. The reason I was at the Post Office was because LULAC Council 4568 (I am president of council) has a reading program for kids. And since we could not meet this month, we decided to mail them their books along with a personal note. We must all do what we can.                                                                   

  Easter is a time of hope and new beginnings Jesus gave his life for ours.  Pero that does not mean you thank him and move on. No, it means you are here to serve Gods children and doing that is even more important now than ever. I pray that God keeps you and your family safe in our Mundo Nuevo.

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Alberto T. Govea

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