Texans 22 – Bills 19 


Erin Costa

Erin Costa

I didn’t get to this game till the 4th quarter, not a lot of interest on my part. Some people say, “Hey it’s another Texas team”. Don’t care, don’t hate them but don’t care. Truth is in a way I wanted the Bills to win, since they have not won in playoffs since 1995. Pero, the part I saw was fun to see, after trailing 16-0 at the half Houston comes back to win this one in overtime. This despite a great game from the Bills defense. Pero, I think their Q.B. let them down in this one. He has the talent but really needs more experience and coaching. On the other hand, Houston De Shawn Watson was a beast as he was not going to lose one even, he had to carry the team on his back. And the defense made some key stop and despite coming off an injury J.J. Watt turned a great performance. However, they go to K.C. on Sunday where it may be over for them, but hey who knows had a surprise or two over the weekend. 


“Pats 13 – Titans 20”


The King is dead, easily comes to mind. But the rest of them are saying, “Long live the King”. But who will be the new king, in the AFC Ravens come to mind immediately they are playing this season? Maybe the Chiefs? In the NFC 49rs until this weekend N.O. now maybe Vikings? Back to the game it was a good one with field position game with both defenses having a good day. As time was running out many probably still that Brady would bring them back just like he has countless times. Pero, this time felt different to me and in the end, Brady throws a pick 6 to end this one. And, the battle of the coaches Bilichick may have been out done by a former player now coach of the Titans Mike Vrabel when with about 6 minutes left, he chose to take delay of games penalties to milk for almost 2 minutes to run down the clock to about  4  minutes.  As for Brady retiring, I think he does not want to go out with this one as his last game. The Titans will now meet the Ravens on Saturday night.

N. Orleans 26 Minnesota 20 Really thought Saints would win this and I kinda wanted them to win cause of the way they lost last 2 seasons. But defenses played well. Pero, Vikings defense was a little better. Curt Cousins quieted the doubters with this game, he had some great throws and managed the game well. Just like Brady don’t’ think this will be his last game even though he will be turning 41 soon. Up next for the Vikings are the 49rs on the Saturday afternoon game. 

Eagles 9 Seahawks 17 In the battle of the birds I had a rooting interest or rather a booing interest. As wanted the Seahawks to win not because I have any real connection to them other then I like their Q.B. Russel Wilson. Pero, I wanted the dang Eagles to lose, cause their fans are so annoying. But after their Q. B. Carson Wentz went down, coupled with all their other injuries I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for them. Especially since their backup quarterback is 40-year-old journeyman Josh Mc Cowen had never played in the playoff game. They almost won this not some much because of their talent but because of their will to win and never give up attitude. Of course, their coach also deserves a lot of credit not just for this game but for the whole season that was full of next man up moments. Can’t’ to think that the Garret led Cowboys would have been out of the running immediately. So, I tip MY hat to the Eagles for this one, Pero next season back to hating them Next up for Seahawks are the Packers at 5:40 pm 


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