Last week’s debate is a subject that will not die. Lots of people are freaking out cause President Biden did not perform well. And worse yet, a fair number of those people are elected officials in his own party. I was also concerned with his performance, Pero not because it made me lose faith in him as president.
My concern is that it could hurt his standing with some of his soft supporters. Many of those people don’t really pay much attention to politics or most candidates. If you gather 100 random people, I will venture to guess that at least 10% couldn’t tell you who the president is. Another 25% couldn’t tell you who the last president was. 30% probably could not tell who the Vice President is now, and likely 50% could not name the previous Vice President.
These people are akin to people who never watch the NFL except when the Super Bowl comes around. They join watch parties and make what in their minds are hot sports opinions. They just repeat what they heard someone say or a headline they read online. Don’t get me wrong, I understand if you are not that much into football. It is not a sin and should not be fatal for anyone.
Pero, when it comes to presidential politics and even local politics, that is different. A lack of NFL football knowledge might result in losing your man card (no offense to women fans). The other can result in having to live in a neighborhood, missing some goodies that the other side of town gets.  Making an uninformed decision on who to vote for president or, for that fact, the House and Senate can be fatal.
Surely you exaggerate Ca No (really), I wish I were. This year, you have a choice between the incumbent president and someone who, some say, is too old. The other option is a former president who is a fact-checked liar and convicted felon, plus mas, a lot more. One is running with his same running mate and the first female and Black Vice president ever. The other one has yet to choose his running mate, and his former vice president has made clear that he does not support him. For many reasons, but for him personally, it would be hard to help someone who supported his hanging. Hey, who could blame him, right?
15. For me, the choice is a no-brainer. However, you must decide for yourself. Even if I had the facts I listed above, my choice would be clear. As far as Biden being too old, he had no control over that happening. For that, he must credit God for keeping him around. Besides, if you truly look at his list of accomplishments that have made our country better and look at the other guys’ four years, there is no comparison; he wins there. 
As for the other guy, he became a liar by choice; at least, that is what I learned as a kid. Of course, people say so. All politicians are liars, and many have lied about many things to get elected. There is a saying that some accept as truth: “All’s fair in love, war, or politics.” Pero one thing is lying but even his truths are genuinely concerning to me. Like I will be a dictator but just for one day. I will start rounding up all undocumented immigrants and put them in cells and maybe have them fight each other, gladiator style. And if you think,” So what?” you might say they shouldn’t be in this country anyway. Guess what? You could easily be swept in that wide net if you have a Hispanic surname or look brown. That would never happen, you say, look back to the 1954 and Operation Wetback and think again. I could go on, but I believe most know Trump is dangerous and dumb. And nothing is worse than someone who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, especially one who professes always to be the smartest person in the room.
I am not a big flag waver on the 4th of July, but this 4th, I could not help but think that the democracy we all hold so dear may be in jeopardy in this coming election. I would never tell anyone how to vote, but I will ask you to please take the time to research your choice before casting your vote.

Alberto T.  Govea  

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