We have all experienced the feeling how time is flying by.  It is so strange to witness my friend’s children turning 50. Soon they will be senior citizens like me!  We are all getting old together, but that’s OK. It is better than the alternative. 


 Life is a journey and aging is not a bad thing. Time allows us to evolve from babes in the womb into walking- talking, thinking persons that can make the choices of where life’s journey takes us. 


“How we use them depends on our use of the free-will God has given us.  ”.


       While we are aging good things can happen. Things like learning, gaining experience is good.  Things you do now will have an effect on what happens in the future.  As time passes we should think more about that. I tell my students at the college, “It takes four years to get a degree. Those years will go by before you know it. The question is will you have a degree within that time frame or not. One thing that is for sure, those years will come and go. So how are you going to find yourself?”   The point I make to my students about time applies to all of us. The journey is in our control.

 As time passes, we all hear people say,” I don’t feel any older”, “Age is just a number”, “I still feel young!”.  Well sorry my friends, these bodies we are occupying and of which we are in charge of, have only been given to us for a short time to make the journey.  How we use them depends on our use of the free-will God has given us.  When I say “us” I am referring to who we really are. I am talking about us as spiritual souls. That would be the “you” that is feeling young.  Actually everyone should feel young, because our souls don’t get old. Fact check, they were made to last forever! Our souls never age or die. 

Some of you may be asking, so if we are souls wouldn’t that make these bodies we are occupying like temples?  I am here to tell you my friends, that is exactly what they are. They are temples of flesh in which our spirits enjoy commanding.  Our mortal flesh bodies produce lots of feelings. We enjoy being in them because of the feelings they can produce and receive.

  Think about athletics and the good feelings they can produce. In my case golf, me as a spirit in a golfer’s body gets to enjoy the feeling produced after hitting a golf ball a long way straight down the center of a fairway. 

 It takes a lot of practice to be able to be good in sports or any other task which will bring a good feeling of accomplishment. It is all about training the flesh. This type of training helps our worldly existence. 


“Through it you can maintain a life full grace that can keep our souls pure and makes our bodies to be worthy of the dwelling place for God’s Spirit”. 


  We also have to train our bodies to accept the fact that it is a temple. A place where God has placed a spirit which is you.  We spirits are a part of him. He is the “I AM”.  Our worldly existence requires us to work on keeping our temple pure.  Our target is to create a Holy Place where the Holy Spirit can dwell.  Our belief in Jesus Christ and living according to his teaching will help us do that.  Remember life is short it passes fast and someday we will all arrive at the time of our death, it is part of the journey.  This unavoidable moment begs me to ask how we are going to find ourselves when this reality finally arrives and we begin the next part of our journey.  

  These temples we currently occupy are just a training model. We get another one.  It will be one that lasts forever like our Soul.  It will be a new one that has more capabilities.  There is one catch to be able to enjoy it. You will have to prove you can control the one you got now.  

The Catholic Church helps you gain a joyous reward of life after death. This Church started by Jesus Christ gives us the correct path for our journey. Through it you can maintain a life full grace that can keep our souls pure and makes our bodies to be worthy of the dwelling place for God’s Spirit. 
 God loves us so much that he was willing to be born and become a man. As a man He experienced the same feeling of hunger, sadness, pain and joy that we have.  While on earth he showed us how to live in Love and how to worship God 

 He made mankind worthy to be saved when he also became a Man. He was born of the Virgin Mary a Holy Vessel. Then by suffering and dying he proved his faithfulness to God the Father. His death allowed our sins to be forgiven and gave us a way to be saved.  Three days later he was raised from the dead, he came back to life, thus he conquered death.  He has shown us the way. 

    Jesus our Lord God and Savior came to establish his Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven   If we allow him to live in us we also will rise again into our eternal journey in God’s Kingdom.  

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