It is not about Democrat VS Republican but Progressive VS conservative. Party names have changed in American’s political history, but political ideology has not. Conservative ideology engulfs the party it becomes part of.


It is not about Democrat VS Republican but Progressive VS conservative. Party names have changed in American’s political history, but political ideology has not. Conservative ideology engulfs the party it becomes part of.

All human beings, no matter what we believe, have the same aspirations and that includes happiness, good jobs, education for our children , opportunities for our family, better living conditions, healthcare, and for many, believing in God, love of country, love of family (no matter what their orientation), etc. These are all Progressive ideas but only some of these are conservative ideas. When I look and study history, I see that we have come a long way. Humanity has come a long way from when Kings were the absolute rule and common people lived and died at the whim of a King or the King’s elite; from when Kings and the elite made rules and set moral values based on what benefited them. For example, the ideology that God chose these kings and the elite. Today, most Americans have had it so good for so long, that they have forgotten what our ancestors had to endure under these previous forms of leadership. Our comfort and that of our children have been built on the suffering of previous generations.

Today there is a great divide between Conservatives and Progressives in the United States. This is should not be a surprise because it always existed. This divide is so great that any lie propagated by either party will be taken as gospel truth even if it has no basis. We are even divided about the what are the true definitions of political labels we use in describing these ideologies. For instance, what is a Liberal? The term liberal is synonymous with Progressive. Liberal has a more negative connotation due to the way it was used in the 1960’s. Progressive is a more acceptable term and the one I embrace. What is a Progressive? “Progress is the support for or advocacy of social reform”. It is based on the ideal of progress which asserts that advancements in science, technology, economic development and social organization are vital to the improvement of the human condition. Basically, as man learns more about his environment and himself many of the traditional taboos are discarded resulting in better conditions for humanity. Conservatives on the other hand hold on to the traditional attitudes and values and are cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.” Holding on to traditional attitudes and values allows for the denial of science while still taking advantage of all the innovation science has provided, makes room for superstition (belief in witches) which gives power over the uneducated, prefers political power to stay with the political elite because they are the ones calling the shots and see no need for change. Last, but not least, conservatives hold on to traditional religious beliefs because their misunderstanding is that of a vengeful God who is a mirror of who they are.


“The economy would collapse if children did not continue to work in mines and factories”.


During the American revolution patriots (Progressives) fought for independence from Britain because Progressives (Patriots) realized that they no longer needed a king to make all their decisions. American Conservatives, on the other hand, fought with Britain to stay under the leadership of the king. The Confederacy tried to secede and attacked the North. The Progressive north along with Progressive slaves fought and defeated the conservative South. Progressives unlike conservatives did not believe that Blacks were inferior.

Conservative thinking has been on the wrong side of history many times. Conservative thinking on the right for women to vote was that women were too dumb and emotional to cast a ballot. The Progressive idea that women should be allowed to vote was passed in 1920. We have all heard of children labor laws. At the time, Conservatives argued that child labor was essential for the economy. The economy would collapse if children did not continue to work in mines and factories. Progressives disagreed and passed minimal age working laws and included mandatory school laws. Mandatory school laws lifted the masses from being poor to eventually become America’s middle class. In the 1950’s and 1960’s Progressives pushed for the integration of schools while conservatives vehemently opposed the integration of schools. Today integration is accepted as normal. In the 1970’s and 80’s conservatives fought the banning of certain chemicals and pollutants arguing that banning would doom the economy. Progressives passed the legislation and the economy did not collapse. As a result, the environment is cleaner for our children and grandchildren. Additionally, Conservatives have long said that homosexuals are evil, degenerate people who should be eliminated from society. Their homosexual behavior will land them in hell. Today many Christian Progressives call out these heretic teachings of conservative religion as hate mongering and contradictory to Jesus’s teachings. God loves all his children even the LGBT, homosexuals and transgender. Conservatives have no bases for their teachings other than hate. Today we have many conservative religious groups touting the idea that President Trump has been elected by God to be our leader and that we must support the president no matter what. This teaching has its roots back in the dark and middle ages when religion was the law of the land in Europe. Progressive, educated Christians like me no longer buy into man’s interpretation of what God wants because we understand that such ideas are nothing more than men using religion for their own means. We understand the big picture of what God created as we are, in many instances, more educated than those preachers. We understand what God wants from us individually.

There are many new ideas being considered by Progressives to improve the American society. These include but not limited to, single-payer health care, paid college tuition for qualified students, renovating America’s infrastructure, etc. Conservatives have responded with their usual negative lines that these Progressive ideas will bankrupt the country. We have been hearing the conservative doomsday predictions since this country was founded. There predictions have never come into fruition. All the programs that Progressives implemented despite conservative doomsday predictions are now accepted as normal, i.e., women voting, slavery as evil, schooling is good, children labor laws are good, social security, Medicare are all good ideas, etc. etc. Progressive ideas have proven good for the United States. Conservatives today embrace those programs they predicted would destroy the United States. It just proves that conservatives have little to no credibility when it comes to knowing what is best for the citizens of the United States. Conservative ideology is founded on keeping the masses poor, uneducated and wallowing in religious superstition for the benefit of the rich. One thing that has changed in today’s atmosphere is that conservatives will stop at nothing, even to sell the United States to the highest bidder. Today the highest bidder is Russia.

Current political disputes will eventually follow the same pattern of the past, but Americans must take heed to the real Conservative agenda. Conservative predictions will prove to be non-sense. The United States will continue to evolve for the better because of Progressive ideas. Progressive ideas will continue to be accepted because the nature of the humanity is to move forward to improve the human condition.

The hatred and verbal abuse Progressives are experiencing has always been the case. In time, Progressive ideas will be accepted by conservatives who now accept women’s right to vote, free public education, etc. In time it will change and thanks to you Progressives, the world is a better place.

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