Dressing up for Halloween is one of our favorite pastimes. On Halloween night, the neighborhood streets are filled with little princesses, ghosts, monsters and other make-believe characters who are on the hunt for some delicious candy. But, every year we also see some extremely questionable and downright disrespectful costumes.


Sadly, it is adults who are the worst offenders of this ridiculous trend. There is no doubt that naming a costume the “Man’s Dangerous Mexican Costume”, is further encouraging a racist stereotype about the Mexican people. The same goes for the “Tequila Dude Costume”, as the “drunk Mexican” stereotype has been used to disenfranchise the Latino Community for years.

            Some may see the costumes as innocent and maybe even playful, but the truth is the opposite; they are actually considered racist to some people. While these types of costumes may have been ignored in the past, social media has made the Latino Community more aware of this problem. So, do you think these costumes go too far? Please find Nuestra Voz on Facebook and let us know if you believe these “Mexican themed” Halloween costumes are innocent fun or racist and disrespectful!

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