Sunday,  October 02, 2022


© Nephtalí  De León


he dared to be immortal

in our minds

en la libre y en la pinta

writing on our souls

con la tinta de su cora

con la sangre de su alma

que calma tan violenta

tras la rejas


no hubo quejas

at least not from his soul

sus rezos los llevaba el viento

prayers that our homeland

some day will be free

even if he was in chains


and now his soul

rises from the ashes

of his cells

he’s free to roam

sin rejas ni paredes

running for governor

so many years ago


while we La Raza

plodded on

inspired by his dream

that dream

his firebrand charisma

fed with ingots made of steel

he left us with his will

that someday

all our homelands

shall be free!



Thank you

Carnalito Ramsey

may your soul

inspire our fire

that desire

that you left us

like a tattoo clean and smart

to stand up for our freedoms

a proud and independent people

sovereign in our heart!


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