This is the most serious editorial I will have written or will ever write. I served proudly for 28 years in the military. 

Felix Alvarado


My duty was to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Every person that wears a uniform takes the same oath. That includes politicians and the President of the United States. Now I see those same people that have sworn allegiance to the United States trying to bring it down. 

For years I could not get close to the Vietnam Wall in Washington. I could not even get close enough when it came to Camp Wolters. I felt like a force was repelling me back. 


Now the leader of the Texas Republican Party, an officer in the United States Army, a man that took the same oath as I did is encouraging an insurrection against the country he swore to protect. If I am correct, he is violating the oath he took. The Supreme Court has ruled that in a way those of us that are retired traded our uniform for civilian clothing. The standards remain. 

What is happening to the Republican Party nationally is catastrophic. The Republican Party is in a downward spiral which can only result in one thing, a crash. Conspiracy theories have had a devastating effect on the party. The Republicans have made fake conspiracy theories real. Logical thinking has been abandoned. Republicans now owes allegiance to a person that is trying to destroy the country.

What happened on Jan 6th is called sedition. You cannot change the definition or the facts to exonerate anyone that participated in the violence. You have 45 spineless Republicans, including our own senators, that are too afraid of a man to vote based on the facts. These senators should read their American history and learn about Valley Forge. Those 45 senators are an embarrassment to America. 

Traditional Republicans should not abandon their party. They should signal stop to those in charge right now. Currently, you have a Rogue Party that has taken over the Republican Party. These folks are not Republicans. 

For years Talking head in radio called “conservatives” have espoused a takeover of the American political system. To get votes they have endorsed emotional subjects, like abortion and guns. These conservatives are a quasi-political party disguised as Republicans. Conservatism is an ideology like Liberalism. There were conservatives and liberals in both parties.

There supposedly is a military retired officer leading the Republican Party. Army at that. He supports TEXIT, the same as BREXIT. He is not too good at math. Let us look at the math.

1.    Cost of guarding the southern border, billions of dollars paid by taxpayers.

2.    Military contractors like Lockheed. Gone.

3.    Military bases. Gone.

4.    Social Security, Medicare. Gone.

5.    Repairs to infrastructure. Gone.

6.    Trade treaties would have to be negotiated with all countries in the world. Including the US.

7.    Texas would be in line with other countries to sell the oil.

Who in their right mind would want to make a country out of Texas?

The Republican Party has a problem the connecting dots. Their stupidity cannot be exaggerated. They have elevated stupidity to new heights.

Hearing reports in the media about the comport of Republicans Senators makes my stomach turn. They are sitting with their feet up on the desk reading books or entertaining themselves in other ways. They are not interested in the facts. It is easier to perpetuate the lie. Anything to support Trump.

There will be elections. Texas is not filled with Republicans. Democrats, Independents and Disenfranchised Republicans need to show up to vote. A lot of Republicans need to be voted out of office. Lots of them. It is called accountability time.

Defend, Protect and Preserve are more than words. 

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