I think that most of us hate repetition, especially when it is the same thing over and over again.

By Felix Alvarado


For example, when one of our children keeps repeating the same behavior continues, we say such things like, “Manuel no hagas eso.” translated, “Manny, don’t do that!”  As much as we may dislike it, it is a parental responsibility. And we were repetitive.


I listen to news broadcasts because I want to know what is going on in real-time. For the same reason, I have twitter. I do not wish to what is new from one source I like to compare sources. But it is getting to be too repetitive. 



The pandemic is at the top of the list. As it should be, it is a killer. The coronavirus is out of control. Texas is one of the states most affected. Fortunately for us, Abbot has parted with the barbaric guidance provided by Trump. Such as opening the schools no matter what. That is the mandate that all schools open on time. That the pandemic is spreading wildfire means nothing to the man. Abbott is still steady fully loyal to Trump. 


Then there is the issue of face masks. Let us pretend for a while that they are useless and protect us from nothing. That is possible. Then let us say that the pandemic goes wild. Could the use of masks have prevented the spread?  Experts say yes, the use of the mask is a preventive measure. It only stops you from passing the virus to other people. It does not cure anything. So why do so many of us wear the mask? Because we want to be participants in an act that might help stop the spread of the virus.


So why do people refuse to wear masks? This question has no logical answer. This answer has been in the works for a long time. It started with a president that mocked wearing the mask. Then he made a mockery of scientific data. Then he went after the experts, discrediting them as not knowing what they were doing. This is the monkey see monkey do crowd. They are Trump’s followers. They are blindly loyal to him.


Trump has suddenly reversed himself, and now he recommends the use of the mask by everyone. He should have said this a long time ago. So why the sudden change in attitude. It looks like those around them are afraid to lose their status if Trump loses reelection. They convinced him that the polls that he calls “fake” are real. Unless he does something dramatic, he needs to pack his bags and go back to Florida. Even if he is telling the truth about masks, and he is, how do you suddenly believe someone that has saturated your brain with lies. 


This man says that the confederate flag is a freedom of speech right protected by the 5th Amendment. That is what I heard in 1962 when I was called every slur of the day. Everyone claimed 5th Amendment rights. Today, those that use the confederate flag are mostly white supremacists. These folks are akin to those that years ago dressed in white robes known as the KKK. What rights do we have as Americans when the judicial system sides with White Supremacist?


At the local level, I am going to wage war against 287g. I heard that the president could deputize all the deputy sheriffs and give them the authority to detain those they consider undocumented immigrants. We cannot wait one more year to hear the commissioners approve it again.


We need a course correction. That can only happen in November. Sometimes the only option we have is called the least wrong candidate. Those are the choices. Whoever wins will claim to be the best man. We must vote. We do not have any other option.

Stay Safe.

Felix Alvarado

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