Are You Prepared?


The country continues in an unknown path driven by a man whose personal interests and ego control his actions.  From a distance, scientists could see the hazard.  Sadly, the leader of the country is not a visionary that can look at the approaching hazard and take action that only the federal government can take.  He wasted precious time denying the existence of the hazard calling it a hoax, as he is apt to do.  He was so fixated on the stock market that it was impossible for him to recognize the approaching disaster.  Even as scientists sounded the alarm.



The coronavirus has changed America forever.  Our children and grandchildren will adapt well for they have scant historical knowledge of the past.  Most businesses have been affected.  They have either fired or laid off their employees. As America begins to recover these businesses will make decisions that favor their recovery.  Businesses have had ample time to reboot, retool, or reset what their business needs are, not only to recover, but future growth.   


We need to get beyond poor leadership at the top and look at our own situation. Those employees that are going to be the least affected are going to by assembly line, union protected.  Everybody else has a question mark.  Not everybody can be recalled because widgets (as economists like to call products) need to have a buyer, someone with a need and money in their pocket to fill the need.  The virus has affected many pocketbooks.  You can figure things out by yourself by imagining you are a business owner.  The idea that everyone is going to go back to work right away is wishful thinking.  The stock market may make great strides.  Don’t let that fool you, look at your pocketbook.  Great stride in the stock market does not mean great strides for you.


As things begin to settle down this is what you can do now to prepare for the future and what is best for you and your family.  Ask yourself these questions:

 “Is the job that I had waiting for me?”  

“Can my job be eliminated?”

“Can my job be merged with another?”

“Will the business have the same number of jobs?”


You have to ask yourself these hard questions because you can prepare yourself right now to avoid another catastrophe.  Consider learning a new skill.  Tarrant County College has many programs to help you learn a skill.  Now is the time for you to consider financing options.  Are there programs that can help you learn an employable skill and pay for the program.  You can learn these options at home, now.  


Local politicians should all get involved now to help citizens get back to work.  Elections are coming.  Speak loud!  Don’t let politicians get a free ride.  Politicians that you send to Washington get paid good money.  You should expect them to come up with programs to help in the recovery of this pandemic.  


We are here to serve you.  We will gladly post any information from reliable sources that helps you in the recovery.  


This is about the aftermath.  Get ready. 


Felix Alvarado




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