If you grew up in a Mexican type family you’ve heard of Llorona and as a child, you were terrified that she would come get you. “You better settle down, go to sleep etc. or the Llorona will come get you” The story I heard was a lady had drowned her children in Corpus Christi, but I’ve’ also heard that this actually happened in other locations also. As a child in Lubbock I heard what sounded to me like a lady crying loudly in the middle of the night more then once. And of course, there is no ocean front property in Lubbock Pero there are a lake or two and plenty of creeks. So really no matter where you are from, La Llorona has likely been part of your family’s lore. 


Original Movie Poster 2019

Original Movie Poster 2019


“Upon arrival the children’s mother is acting strange and will not let her see the children and asks her to leave.”

  That is why as soon as I heard a movie was out about this infamous lady I had to go with popcorn and pickle in hand to watch it! The movie was based in 1970s L.A. but travels back 300 years to Mexico to explain the origin of La Llorona. The premise is that a woman betrayed by her husband decides to hurt him by drowning their children in a fit of rage. She immediately regrets her decision and starts wailing and thus becomes the legend of La Llorona.

  Fast forward to CPS social worker Ana (Linda Candellini) that is investigating a case of children endangerment. The mother of the children is someone she is familiar with and was already trying to help. Ana’s boss concerned for her safety insisted that a police officer accompany her. Upon arrival the children’s mother is acting strange and will not let her see the children and asks her to leave. Without spoiling movie for you Ana finally gets in and finds the boys in a closet and has them removed from the home. 

  This leads to the appearance of La Llorona that is trying to claim the boys for her own, which then leads to Ana’s own children being sought by the Weeping Lady. Typical in this type of movie Ana reaches out to help from the Catholic Church and when they can’t help turns to a disillusioned ex-priest. For this genre of movies, it is good and is part of  the conjuring franchise movies. It also marks the directing debut for Michael Chaves and has an extensive Latino cast. The movie is entertaining and will make some jump, the acting is good and character development is good as well. No ground breaking cinema here but if you like a little scare now and then it is worth the watch. And you will be supporting a primarily Raza cast and storyline. Look for it on your favorite streaming service!

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