In the animal kingdom there are many animals that when confronted with dangers they play dead. Sometimes it works. Then there are the mongoose and meerkats that when confronted with a danger in spite of their small size they attack. It is awe inspiring to see the small meerkats attack a much larger cobra and succeed in scaring it away. 



That is kind of like Trump. He uses all sorts of scare tactics to keep all adversaries at bay. He takes care of problems by attacking and blaming someone else for the problem. Someone else always takes the blame. His favorite target of course, are Democrats, then Nancy Pelosi, and the list goes on. 

All supporters of Trump should know the fact that he has a long history of lying. On top of that now you have Christian conservatives strongly supporting him. Morals and values matter nothing to them. What matters is that they are strongly opposed to abortion. No abortions, period. 

When it comes to trade, Trump supporters cannot see that it is the consumer that pays for excise taxes. The economy is doing good. As I recall, Obama started rebuilding the economy because it was a mess when he took over. The one thing that Trump can take credit for is creating a ruckus around the world where America is no longer respected. Seems like he gets away with creating ruckus because he ran on a platform that he was not a part of the so-called swamp. That swamp has been there for over 200 years and it has served America well. When you drain the swamp, you destroy America. America is the swamp. 


This swamp economy has been around for over 200 years. It has had its ups and it has had its downs. But it has grown and prospered. There is one thing that we can be certain of, Trump is no Vanderbilt, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie or Ford. They were truly great men. They built America. They built the America that Trump is trying to destroy. Would Trump have the courage of Teddy Roosevelt, to charge up a hill and be awarded the Medal of Honor. 


“The impeachment is a constitutional crisis”.


In comparison to other presidents, Trump falls short of greatness. Compared to all American giants, he is a midget. 

The impeachment moves to the Senate. McConnell made a horrible mistake when he stated he wanted to get the impeachment over in a hurry. He has no interest in checking any part of the impeachment. He is in Trumps’ corner and has stated basically, that Trump is going to control the whole show and be exonerated. The circus moves to the Senate. Let the show begin or end. The impeachment is a constitutional crisis. Republicans need to act like patriots and do what is right for the country, not the person or the party. To do anything else betrays everything that America stands for. And what many of us have fought for. The Republican talking points have been, Pelosi hates Trump, Schiff hates Trump, Trump did not get due process, Trump could not call witnesses to testify, the whistleblower is a Democrat, Republicans have raised many 

objections. They have not addressed any of the charges against Trump. These charges stand as uncontested facts. 

Having not contested any of the charges, Trump stands impeached. If the Republicans in the Senate find Trump not guilty of any of the charges, the constitution will be badly frayed. In election of 2020 we Americans take charge. We have two senators that have to make a decision on the impeachment. Time to consider alternatives if they vote to find Trump innocent. America does not belong to a person or party. It belongs to “We the People”. 

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