A beauty salon owner decided to open the shop in violation of county directive to remain closed until safe to open.  The reason she opened early was she had a family to feed.  In San Antonio something like 50,000 people went to the food bank in one day to get food to feed their family.   She was not the only one with a hungry family.  Looks like she got a federal small business loan.  On a GoFundMe account she got hundreds of thousands.  Ted Cruz, our beloved senator, went to get a haircut at the barbershop owned by a known lawbreaker.  A symbol of someone standing up for their constitutional rights.  Sometimes breaking the law is lucrative.



Abbot our famed governor changed the guidelines for opening the Texas economy so no one would go to jail for not following the guidelines. Lady walked out free. The old saying, “Rules are made to be broken” became real. So many people are citing the constitution as the reason for their civil disobedience. Most, if not all, are only plain dumb, ignorant, and stupid. Their constitutional rights have been trampled on only when the case is taken to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court agrees. Otherwise it is just stupid chatter.


As I was driving, I reminisced about all the high school graduations I had attended. Trimble Tech HS, Sunset HS, and my own grandchildren in Abilene.  There was the noise, the cacophony of students, friends and family that attended graduation followed by festivities elsewhere.   There was joy and happiness.    Some of these students were the first to graduate from high school.  They were role models for the rest of the family.  Similarly, Quinceanera’s brought the same euphoria to a blessed family.  These events are much more than celebrations.  They bring family together for a period of laughter and enjoyment. These celebrations are of enormous importance to the Latino community.  


The most negative consequence of staying home is employment.  Layoffs and firings were a necessary business evil.  The lockdown has lifted but it appears as though people are not responding as expected, they are not rushing to the stores.  Unemployed people do not have too much disposable income.  As we cope with all this tragedy, we would hope that the man in Washington would be sympathetic and emphatic towards our feelings and our needs.  At this moment, a little of empathy would do a lot to brighten the spirits of many Americans.


Now all this must come to a hopefully, temporary pause because we are under attack by a virus.  What we know about the coronavirus is that it is very contagious, and it kills people.  To prevent the spread of the coronavirus we were all asked to stay at home among other things.  You cannot cure the coronavirus; you can only prevent its spread.  


I heard Dr. Fauci’s testimony.  Very enlightening.  Except for those that cannot see the light.  Like Fox News.  What a bunch of imbecilic idiots.  They call themselves patriotic, uniters, defenders of the constitution, whatever.  To show their patriotism they wrap themselves with the American flag.  One of the Fox people even called Fauci a buffoon.  Actually, Fox has earned the right to be called the Buffoon Channel.  But let us not blame Fox for everything.  Fox has a lot of advertisers.  They pay premium dollars to have the buffoons on daily.  The advertisers are the real culprits.


Trump and his followers are playing a game where there are winners and losers.


This is the game plan:


Delegitimize the FBI and all intelligence agencies.


Destroy any legitimate opposition to Trump.


Deny that Trump has done anything wrong. 


Deny the danger of the coronavirus. The number of people dead is a hoax.


The Mueller report was a hoax.


All rulings by districts courts that do not favor Trump are appealed to the Supreme Court. With the Supreme Court being stacked with conservative judges you can expect most rulings to favor Trump. 


Most Republicans are complicit in this mis-governance. The name of the game is – Protect Trump at all costs.  Even if it means dismantling of America.  Let us hope that we do not enter a period which we would call the slaughter of America.


Felix Alvarado



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