The Fort Worth Power and Light Company Power plant was first built in 1912. The power plant was the first main source of power for Fort Worth Texas. The old and now abandoned building still boasts the dramatic Beaux-Arts style of architecture that was once popular in the early 1900s. But despite the glimpses of a faraway time that can still be seen, the old power plant continues to become more disheveled.


The Out Seers

Now to protect potential trespassers, all the broken windows are covered with large metal sheets and every entrance is completely welded shut. The smokestacks that once watched over the city are now torn down to their base and covered with heavy concrete. Historic Fort Worth Inc. has included the old plant on its Most Endangered Places list for much of the past decade.  

Tarrant County Community College bought the property in 2004 with plans to build a new downtown campus but that never happened. Instead, RadioShack’s old corporate headquarters was purchased for a quarter-million dollars by the college and the new school was built from there. So, to the disappointment of many in Fort Worth, the old power plant still stands forgotten with no future in sight. 

Despite the barbed wire fences and sheet metal coverings, we still got to look inside and even discovered a few surprises along the way!


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