If Ronald Reagan were alive today, he would say to Donald Trump, “There you go again.” And again and again. The Washington Post has now documented Trump as having told over 12,000 lies. That’s no lie, over 12,000.


He says the Federal Reserve Board is the problem with our economy. Financial experts agree with you and me that his tariffs are the problem. And because he fears a recession, he considered lowering taxes again, but changed his mind. But that’s the typical Republican solution lower taxes and create a bigger deficit, a bigger national debt from which your kids and grandkids could never recover. His annual deficit alone just topped over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! Oh, Trump lied again by saying, “The consumer is rich.”

Trump also said that he didn’t know who the greater enemy, China’s President Xi or his Federal Reserve Chairman Powell was. I suspect Trump is the enemy.

Eighty nine percent of our people want to have background checks for guns. Trump said he’d go along with that. Then he just talked to the NRA honcho Wayne La Pierre and changed his mind. Could there be some additional funds in Trump’s secret bank account now? With this and the previous example added to so many, Trump flip flops more than IHOP has flipped pancakes.

Trump has said twice that he is, “The Chosen One.” Think he was talking about his dealings with China and Israel, but with this weirdo you never know. He might be thinking that he is the Second Coming.


“The truth is he just can’t GET a deal with China.”


China and Israel bring up two more points. Trump says he is not ready to make a deal with China. BULL. The truth is he just can’t GET a deal with China.  On August 23, 2019 China just raised more tariffs on the U.S. And Israel, this one is a doozy. He states that Jews here who vote for Democrats are “greatly disloyal.”

There he goes again. The truth is that Donald Trump is greatly disloyal to America. Every day he tries to MAKE AMERICA UN-GREAT AGAIN. All the above and everything I have written in previous columns testifies to that.

Wait a minute, the national evening news, on August 22nd reported that there were actually 501,000 fewer jobs than had been reported over the last year. One of Trump’s biggest, deceptive lies.

Trump stated two dozen times that President Obama started the separation of immigrant children from their parents in detention and that he (Trump) was the one who brought them together. Another delusional whopper. President Obama did it only if there was a question of whether the child actually belonged to that adult, which was rarely done. Trump lies like this to make himself look good as always. The old saying, “every time he opens his mouth” definitely applies to Trump. And his chief assistant liar, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now going to be a consultant for FOX News, another addition to their cast of liars.

Since we just mentioned immigrant detention, recently they were held supposedly for twenty days. Now Trump intends to detain illegal immigrants indefinitely, I guess until they rot.

And, he picks more fights with foreign leaders than Tyson has chickens. The latest is with Denmark after the Danish Prime Minister chastised Trump over his idea to buy Greenland, which is not for sale anyway. Trump lashes back and cancels his trip to Denmark. It turns out that Trump self-invited himself there in the first place.

But Trump has had an ugly spat with every one of our allies, with Briton, Germany, Canada, France, Mexico, Norway, to name a few. He is now at the G7 meeting in France with France, the Briton, Canada, Germany, Japan and Italy. He used to be the big hog (I said hog because he used to push leaders to hog to the front), but now the leaders are in disagreement with him on several issues. Take a back-row Trump.

You all know that Trump has eased EPA pollution regulations, endangering us more. But here’s what else happened. Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW, which account for 30% of new automobile sales in the U.S., just now went along with California’s tougher pollution standards also increasing gas mileage for autos. When Trump heard this, he was infuriated. What an ASS. Trump now says California cannot impose their own emission and mileage standards. Whatever happened to states’ rights. California will take Trump to court.

Trump is taking much needed money from already committed funds to build and remodel schools on military bases and funds already committed for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico, etc. to build his wall. It’s his attempt to save face since Mexico won’t pay for his wall.

Then there’s the great weather forecaster, Tempest Trump. As Hurricane Dorian was about to move up the Carolina coast, Trump was saying look out Alabama. NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, corrected him. But the White House told the National Weather Service to come to Trump’s defense. I guess the NWS is a part of Trump’s 38% approval. That’s right, Trump’s approval rating is now 38%. That’s why he still wants to start a war with Iran to stir up his base.

As Trump ramps up his 2020 campaign, he insisted that he was cheated out of many votes in 2016 by fraudulent voting. (Never substantiated, the opposite was true as Trump actually asked, yes asked, for Russian interference to help him). But, now to bolster his false claim, he demands more photo ID as his audiences wildly cheers. We all know how much of this in reality prevented honest, eligible people from voting.

Every day Trump pulls something stupid or sick, so watch the news.

Talk it up. Stand up and tell people about Trump. Show them my columns if you have to.

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