I believe that this is one time where everyone in America knows what is going on.  And if you don’t, keep your head buried in the sand.  The game is coronavirus.  It is kind of the only game in town.  You may ask yourself, “Why are we doing this?”  Look at a wildfire, how fast it spreads.  

We don’t have the resources to put out a fire like the one in California or even Australia.  Once a wildfire takes off the wind spreads it fast.  Viruses are like that.  In this case the Coronavirus we do not have the resources or to be specific shots to control the spread.  So, you ask people to stay home.  There is more than being patient.  Get to know your family better.  Meet your friends.  Maintaining the social distance of course.

 There is another game that you get a glimpse of once in a while.  The presidential elections.  It looks like Biden is going to get the Democratic nomination.  And Sanders, it is a matter of throwing in the towel gracefully and do what he said he would do, back Biden.

 Unless something happens suddenly it looks like the stock market will limp into the election. Who is going to be the most affected politically by the coronavirus and the economy.  Quien sabe.  Who knows?

 In my previous article I mentioned Kenny Roger’s, “The gambler.”  You don’t have to be a gambler to follow his advice.  When I attended staff meetings, I had one of those triangular name plates.  Except this one did not have my name.  Instead it had the letters KMS.  Keep Mouth Shut.  This taught me to listen and to speak only when what I had to say was relevant.  Good advice for the Gran Mentiroso.  

 I caught the Leprechaun.  Unfortunately, he got away.   Think about all the money that got away.   Oh well.  Lent ends April 11 and those of you who have been fasting can go have a field day.  Hopefully, the restaurants will be open. 

 When there is not much going on there is little to write about.  We have a big election coming up.  Find out who is running and what they are promising.  Talk to your family and friends about the election.  The only way to stand up is by voting.  Otherwise, we will continue to be doormats.

 I am writing a history of Mexican North Texas.  I have had delays.  There are so many misconceptions of who we are.  It is time to teach your children that in 1882 Mexicans were recruited to come work the coal mines.  They were skilled workers. The myth that they came to pick cotton or were running away from Pancho Villa, not true.  If you have pictures of anyone in your family working in the coal mines please let me.  I would like to include it in my story.

 Take care.  Listen to the experts.  Stay home.  Pray.


El Cordero

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