I opened the Bible to Ezekiel and started reading what he had to say. Ezekiel was a prophet in the Old Testament.

Joe M. Govea

Originally Published

July 24, 2016 


Most of his writing in the Bible talks about God punishing the Israeli people because they have turned away from him and became immoral. They had become proud and believed they did not need God. The people were breaking all the commandments and also worshiping idols. Ezekiel goes on and on about how God will punish Israel. The people did not believe him until finally, all that he had prophesied came true. After that, people started listening to him. And he began to turn back to God and to live in the ways of God. This cycle humanity keeps going. 

If you read the Bible, you see what God was doing for thousands of years. He created millions of people. Of those millions, only a few would rise to the top as the cream does when milk is processed. That cream is what God kept when he declared his chosen people.

The Bible then tells us how God gave his chosen people many blessings and was allowed to prosper. He also told them how to worship and make sacrifices to him for the forgiveness of their sins. God then told them how to build the temple where there was to be a tabernacle where God’s presence was to dwell. They were to worship and praise God in that temple. God was creating the Jewish faith from which the King Jesus Christ savior of the entire world was to come from. This religion kept many records and writings of what God wanted the people to know. The book of God’s communication with us is called the Bible. It is also called the word of God.

The Bible has stories of how the Jews would get comfortable and proud. This pride made them feel that they no longer needed God. They would start to worship idols made of gold, which I interpreted as worshiping money. They also worshipped many other idols, some of which represented sex. That made God angry. After many warnings for them to change their ways, he would punish them. He would allow them to be conquered and enslaved. Those years of punishment would cause them to realize that when you turn away from God, you fall from grace, and the true God will not protect you.

I believe the cycle of people turning from God has now returned. I have witnessed that many young people are not going to Church much less believing in God. They are not taking part in the domestic Church, which means; introducing and teaching their young children about God. The home is where faith in God is first introduced. So those people that are not taking part in the domestic Church are breeding people of no confidence. I may not be Ezekiel, but I can see where some of you may be heading and causing your children to also go in the wrong direction.

If you are looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for happiness through false idols such as booze, sex, and money, you will be disappointed. None of that lasts as true happiness. The only thing that will last forever as true happiness is when you realize what God has to offer you. He gives you a way to be happy with him in his Glory forever after this world ends. You have to make yourself worthy of the next world during this life you are currently passing through. So make an effort to find God and receive his message. Talk to a pastor or a Priest in your area. Get on the internet there are lots of sites giving you information. Go to the EWTN channel on your TV and get useful information there. Get into the cycle that will take you into God’s 

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