If Republicans were investigating the assassination of JFK today, Lee Harvey Oswald would not have been accused of the assassination of JFK. This assumption would be based on two facts: 1. There was no direct evidence that Oswald killed Kennedy. No one saw Oswald fire the rifle that killed Kennedy. 2. No one could place Oswald in the building where the shots were fired from. Raw fact is, no one saw Oswald commit the crime. According to Republicans the conclusion that Oswald committed the crime is based on hearsay and assumptions. The Warren Report is wrong. Of course, from the beginning there were conspiracy theories galore as to who killed JFK.


Having watched the impeachment proceeding what stood out were the blatant lies told by Republican members of the Intelligence Committee. I was amazed at how the Republicans could sit there one after another spewing lie after lie. Led by Nunes who started every meeting repeating the same lies, “no one can prove that Trump said anything wrong.” The most blatant liar was Jim Jordan. History will remember them all. As liars.


Republican members of congress have gone into denial rejecting any wrongdoing by Trump. He did not try to coerce the president of the Ukraine into looking for dirt on Joe Biden. Trump did not withhold money in return for a favor. Trump did not try to influence the 2020 election. According to Trump, Russia did not influence the 2016 election, it was the Ukraine. Although this conspiracy has been debunked, Trump and the Republicans are using it. It is now the GOP strategy. This is in spite of the fact that the intelligence community knows that this conspiracy was initiated by Putin.


“The Deep State is out to smother conservatives and remove Trump as president. “


My favorite line is from Lindsey Graham who insists that there is no direct evidence that Trump said anything wrong. What he is saying is that Oswald did not kill Kennedy. In his estimation we can infer that Jack Ruby killed Oswald because he was caught on film firing the pistol that killed Oswald. Trump and the Republican Party are going with the Ukraine conspiracy hook line and sinker. The Republicans have nothing else to hold on to. The facts are not on their side. They will do anything to protect Trump and remain in power.

Conservatives and ultra-right Republicans behave like the right wing of Spain. They were so afraid of Communism that they fought a long war for political dominance of Spain. The ultra- right represented by Franco and his allies won. Just like Russia interfered in the election of 2016 Germany and Italy fought on the side of Franco.

The Deep State is mentioned frequently when speaking of the federal bureaucracy. The Deep State is out to smother conservatives and remove Trump as president. Conservatives make the Deep State as a conspiratorial entity. Yet, the Deep State is a headless monster. Like many in the federal bureaucracy. There is no one person that could assume control of the entire federal bureaucracy. The federal bureaucracy is created by congress and administered by the executive

branch. It is the bureaucracy that makes America strong. Trump has tried to destroy the intelligence community by discrediting it work. Probably because he has something to hide.

As a member of the military I was part of The Deep State. One of my assignments was as a management inspector for one of the major commands. I recall the school I went to and the lesson I learned. An inspection is a snapshot of a moment in time. Assumptions and conclusions are based on this moment in time. I had to make a decision on whether the unit I was inspecting was able to accomplish its mission. Commanders wanted to know if their organization was mission capable. I like all other members of the Deep State was just a miniscule and insignificant part.

Trump and the Republican Party are involved in a massive coverup of Trump’s abuse of presidential power and conspiracy to violate and trample on the constitution of the United States. What the Republicans are doing is what could be the beginning of a coup. To do so requires a media outlet. Conservatives and Republicans have Fox News and a host of other conservative talk shows. Conservative media outlets spew out lies, distortions of the truth, misinformation and alternative facts hourly on a daily basis. They have a large following of believers. One of their most prominent people was quoted as saying he hopes Russia wins.

The question remains, who killed Oswald?

Ultimately, the Supreme Court will decide if we are truly a republic or a dictatorship. I pray that they rule to protect the United States of America.

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