The impeachment fight is over. The question looming now is whether there will be witnesses allowed. For witnesses to appear requires a vote. 



Since Republicans control the senate this should be a slam dunk. But. So far, enough Republicans are saying they want witnesses. Which makes the other Republicans livid. The Republicans criticized the Democrats because they did not subpoena anyone to testify. They know good well that going through the courts takes a lifetime. Most of the time there is no quick way to get a ruling from the Supreme Court. Suddenly John Bolton appears with a draft of a book he wrote where he points the finger directly at Trump. He is a reliable and trustful witness. Not to the Republicans and the base. Bolton is anathema to all Trump supporters. He is the living incarnation of Satan. That is if it is possible to give the devil a human body. Let there is no doubt that most Republicans especially, McConnell and Trump do not want witnesses. McConnell and Trump do not want to change the outcome of Not Guilty. Witnesses may change that. 


“What kind of legacy are you going to leave your child?” 


The other hot topic is the democratic primary. Seems like Bernie has taken the lead in fundraising. Maybe some people are giving because they really want him as candidate or giving him money for the same reason except if he is the weak candidate then be may get money so the weaker candidate wins. To see the big picture, you have to be clairvoyant. Everybody else guesses. 

It will be our grandkids who will be the benefactors of whatever decision is made probably this week and the decision will be to not hear anymore testimony and declare Trump acquitted. What kind of legacy are you going to leave your child? 

It will take about 20 years for the dust to settle and government teachers and professors to decipher what happened. There will be Good, there will be Bad and there will be Ugly. There will be people aligned in each category. Certainly, the ones with the most to gain and loose are going to be the professors that testified in the hearing. History will recall all the congresspeople that testified. Again, Good, Bad and Ugly. History does not forget. History does not forgive. 

Locally, the first round of elections has started. All these years I have observed that we do not have a problem registering voters. Registering people is something that we do. Or at least I have. Voting is something that the registered voter has to do by themselves. Family influences voting a lot. All you have to do is look at voting lists. After that probably friends. Don’t really know how much money influences elections, probably a lot. One thing you can tell about a candidate that has a lot of money. Somebody out there is trying to influence an election. Most important, you have to take ownership of your voting record. Only you can move the needle. 


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