We know about Jim Jones serving Kool aid to his congregation in the belief, just like Islamic terrorists, that they will go to heaven if they commit an act an act of terrorism.


And so, at every rally that Trump has Kool aid drinkers appear in droves. They come to hear, “fake news, Mexico is going to pay for the wall, I know more than the intelligent branch, and the lies continue all during the rally.”  The Kool aid drinkers don’t care that what Trump says are lies, they came to partakes of the delicious Kool aid. Keep on telling them lies, we love this Kool aid.  No one ever runs out of Kool aid, there is always Fox News with plenty of it.  They are called Trump supporters.  

It is this group that Republicans politicians are afraid of.  That is why like good toy soldiers they line up behind Trump.  Even though they take an oath to the constitution they are driven by power.  Truth does not matter, the only thing that matters is that they see millions drinking cool aid.  We used to say “truth to power.”  Now we say “Kool aid to power.”


“What he really means is that our democracy is in danger”.


You may ask, “How much has the political landscape changed?”  Well, back in the good ole days, we used to hear politicians say “promises, promises, promises.”  Nowadays we hear, “Lies, Lies, Lies.”  Chief Justice Roberts says we take our democracy for granted.  He means you and I.  What he really means is that our democracy is in danger.  It is.

There is a power struggle between McConnel and Pelosi.  McConnell wants to throw the articles in the trash.  Pelosi refuses to allow him to do that.  In the Metroplex we are surrounded by Republicans.  Every one of them voted that Trump was not guilty of anything.  That is like Bonnie and Clyde going to rob a bank, kill the teller and on the way out kills the Sheriff.  The media witnesses it all and reports the facts.  When brought to trial, the Grand Jury says there is enough evidence here to convict.  When it gets to the jury of 18, 10 say “Not Guilty” and 8 say “Guilty”.  You know what is going to happen if it takes a simple majority to find guilty or not guilty.  

Local Republicans cannot be swayed into voting truthfully.  The only truth is in the ballot box.  Are you a Kool aid drinker?.

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