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Not sure yet, as I am writing this about seven hours before the draft and maybe nine hours before the Cowboys pick at 17. And, that is if they do not trade down to pick up extra draft picks if their target players are off the board. Reportedly, the two picks they have on their board is Florida Cornerback C. J. Henderson and L.S.U Edge rusher K’Ladon Chaisson whom they would love to pair with D. Law. This year there appears to be an abundance of quality receivers like CeeDeeLamb out of Oklahoma and Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy with at least five others that could go in the first round. Pero, the Cowboys seem to be set in that position after signing Cooper and Gallup seeming to continue improving each season, Pero, if they could get a good slot receiver to replace Cobb, who has moved down the road to Houston – it might be worth it.  Oh, and maybe pick up a decent Q.B. that you are not to trot out there in at least mop out duty.



“…he may even be willing to sell his soul to El Diablo, if he hasn’t already”.  


This draft may differ from all the Garret drafts that really seemed to be more Jerry and Steven Jones drafts. Interested in seeing if new head coach Mike McCartney may have a real say on who they pick since he has the skins on the wall. AKA playoff wins and one Super Bowl win, which is one more than the Cowboys have even sniffed in the last twenty-four years or more. And Jerry has clarified that he wants at least one more before he goes to the Jerry World in the sky? That said, is it possible that Jerry would trade the 17th pick for a veteran player that could assure a Super Bowl? I would say Yes! In fact, he may even be willing to sell his soul to El Diablo, if he hasn’t already.  Is there a player out there that could get the Boys to the promised land? After football is not basketball, where you can bring in King James and guarantee at least the playoffs. 

  The Buccaneers bet that Tom Brady has some magic left and now T.E. Gronk has come out of retirement to join him. Will it pay off? Butts in seats and gear sells, yes for sure. Buccaneer banners have been flying as far away as San Antonio. Pero, a Brady 10th Super Bowl appearance “Chally Wally’aint going to happen. I do not believe there is a King James veteran player the Cowboys could get, besides no team would trade off that player. So, Jerry, best to keep your soul if it still belongs to you? Also, pay Dak. You will not get another Romo Miracle (read with Arkansas accent). My last advice to Jerry, well for now, is to let McCarthy do the picking tonight and maybe admit you are not the best judge of talent. 

Okay here we go, “Drum-Roll Please”, the Cowboys pick Cee Dee Lamb Oklahoma wide receiver! What, we were told defense was number one tonight. Pero, hey guess if the best player on the board a receiver is you take him. It an an exciting pick for sure. Lamb is 6’2 195 with breakaway speed not afraid of catching a ball in traffic. He is a former First Team All -American in 2019, he had 62 receptions for 1,327 yards averaging 21.4 impressive numbers indeed. And the shot I saw of Jerry and new head coach McCartney on the phone looked like both were on board with the pick. Hope it turns out to be a great pick worthy of the number 88, Pero, I hope they do pick up some defensive help, they have several holes to fill. Anyway, it was fun to get back into sports again kinda? Stay Safe and Stay Strong and get ready for the 2020 Season.

By A. Govea

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