The 2021 Dallas Cowboys have been on a constant descent since the season began. With key injuries on both sides of the ball, new coaches, and of course the defense’s inability to mesh with Mike Nolan’s new scheme. And now, just when it seemed like it couldn’t get any worse for America’s Team, they’ve been bumped out of the Sunday Night Football slot by NBC this week. NBC instead opting to air the Giants vs Browns game in primetime, marking the first time ever the boys have been bumped from Sunday Night Football. 


Honestly though, it’s probably all for the best. The Jaylon Smith led defense, nicknamed “Hotboyz”, is starting to look more like their nickname should be the Allow-300-Yds-Rushing-Boyz. Dak and the offense are a distant memory by now, buried underneath the lucid trauma of the death of his ankle. Not to mention the way McCarthy and his coaching staff seem to be using this as a practice year. I have no proof, but still, I can’t help but wonder if they actually are tanking the season for a higher draft pick. The Bengals have the 3rd worst record and have the 3rd draft pick. The cowboys have the 4th. So when they matchup Sunday we could be witnessing a full fledged tank-off. 


Consequently, I think we can start speculating on what players the boys could potentially end up with come draft day. And with Dallas being so weak at cornerback, I’ve compiled a list of eminent fullback talent in the 2021 draft class that we could potentially put at the position. Using intense data processing software that is only available in New Brunswick, Canada, cross referencing these data with the typical skills a cornerback possesses: speed, catching, tackling, etc, I’m now able search all throughout north America to find the fullbacks most compatible with Dallas’ defensive secondary. These processes can ultimately determine who the best fullback is in the draft, so that I can then rank them from whom I think would make a good cornerback to who wouldn’t. So will all that being said, here is my list of the top five fullbacks the cowboys should draft to play cornerback.


1. Ben Mason, Michigan, 270 lbs, 5.0/40



  2. Tory Carter, LSU, 250 lbs, 5.2/40


   3. Mason Stokke, Wisconsin, 240 lbs, 4.9/40


4. Clint Ratkovich, Western Illinois, 225 LBS, 4.8/40


 5. Houston Heimuli, Stanford, 270 lbs, 5.2/40



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