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Feb 25, 2024

This & That–Esto y Lotro      

So, we are starting something new here at Hola Texas, a Mid-Week check-in about Ca Pasa Today (What’s happening). It will primarily be about news items affecting our community directly or indirectly. This is very broad, Pero; as we go a little further on our journey, it will become more apparent.

  However, to be clear, this space is equally for you, the reader, as it is for us. We may throw out a subject or a story and ask you to comment. You can do it in a few different ways: email us directly, call us, or join the discussion on our podcast.

    Today, I want to touch on some things: the upcoming primary elections and the Cesar Chavez March and Rally. Primero (First), if you are a subscriber to the Weekender, you likely read my press release, which I issued as LULAC Council 4568 president. On that release, I expressed my disappointment at the Republicans on the Tarrant County commissioner’s court. For those that missed it, they (the Republicans) voted against funding for free rides to polls. Now, I understand that counties, like people, have a budget to adhere to, but this has been in the budget since 2019. And the amount was only 10,000, probably less than the court’s yearly coffee budget.

        So, what changed on the court since 2019? The only change I see is that one commissioner and the county judge led the charge against Tim Ohare. When I first read this had happened, I could not help but think this was another case of voter suppression. It was easy to believe that the people who would benefit the most would rely on public transportation and are on a fixed budget. So why not continue helping them exercise their right to vote? Of course, the simple answer is they may not vote for them. What’s next? Will they vote to issue a county Poll Tax for Tarrant County voters? I am old enough to remember my dad and other adults discussing whether they should pay the fee necessary to vote.

            Some might say that it is crazy, that it would never happen again to say “Really” with what is happening; never say never. Well, that is what I think, but we want to hear from you; see below for contact options. The next thing I want to reference here is the annual Cesar Chavez March and rally that also honors Dolores Huerta. This annual event has been going on for 15 years or more. It is usually held on the last Saturday of the month, around his birthdate of March 31st. The Cesar Chavez committee does an excellent job hosting this yearly event; however, they and I wish more people would join us. Especially when comparing the Fort Worth March to San Antonio, which usually draws thousands. This year, since Easter is on the 31st, it may be moved to the following weekend; I hope to have complete information soon and will post it here. All that said, I refuse to believe that people don’t care, but I would like to know what you think.

     Did you know that Tarrant County has officially honored Cesar Chavez with an official County holiday since 2000? This is because of the efforts of Richard Gonzales and others, given recent votes by the commissioner’s court, which I don’t think could happen now. I hope it doesn’t come out for a vote again. Also, most people need to learn that we now have Fort Worth’s honoree signage that honors Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. Cesar signs start on the 28th, and Beach goes to Main Street. Dolores signage meets Cesar Chavez on Main and runs to Jacksboro Highway. And for your information, this did not happen just because the city decided to honor and put action behind its talk of Fort Worth being a city that celebrates diversity. It took close to 10 years to finally get the city to do this. This was mainly through the efforts of LULAC Council 4568 members who led the campaign along with others. Watch this space for more information soon and please reach to me at or text me at 817-797-4015 to join our podcast or leave a message.

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