Pos No Se’ (Do not Know)

At the end of last week’s article, I wrote if they fall behind to Russell Wilson – their goose is cooked.

By A. Govea


And they did with 1.47 left when Russel hit Metcalf for a 29-yard T.D. Pero, if we are honest, how many of you thought the Boys could win this one? Show of hands, 2, 3, Pancho, you know you’re lying! Me, I was hoping, though, but (Gun to my head) not really. Pero, as the game went, I decided hey they (Seahawks) are not all that, so we can win this one! The Boys lost so Ca Paso? What happened?


Dak throws one behind Cooper they intercept and turn in to 7 points, then after halftime, Dak fumbled on a strip-sack, seven more for Seattle. And his end-zone interception to end another miracle comeback. Tony Pollard miscue at the goal line results in the Boys having to start at the 1-yard line leading to a Zeke safety giving Seattle 2 more points. The defense desperately needs help at the corner position; they were just BAD! Pero, Aldon Smith, still sacked Russ 3 times. He is good. They (the corners) must get better in a hurry, or they need to get some help somewhere. I know a Mexican or Dos that can do a better job. Some people say the problem is the new Defensive. There must be a learning curve. Maybe, Pero, you cannot teach speed, cause just seemed like they couldn’t keep up.

So, what can they do from now on to avoid the 8/8 curse that we suffered through way too many times Aqui, here? Zeke only gained 34 yards on 14 carries; fault may be due to the patchwork offensive line. And when you get behind early, you lose the running game. Dak had 472 yards and 3 T.D.S. Pero, he also lost the ball three times. I wish they would take Pollard off kick-off duty and just let him back up Zeke. I kind of think he is trying too hard, and he is hurting himself and the team. And on defense, where is DeMarcus? A quick answer to my question is play the Browns and as luck would have it they are up this Sunday. All kidding aside, I am not ready to give up on this team. I still believe they will be better under McCarthy and company. And I will give him one more season, especially this weird season. Pero not much more than that, but please don’t reward my patience with 8/8. That I can no longer handle, you?

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