Browns 49 E Los Cowboys 38

Last week I wrote what the Cowboys needed to get back on winning track was the Browns. I was wrong, and it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong.

By A. Govea


Last week I wrote what the Cowboys needed to get back on winning track was the Browns. I was wrong, and it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. Especially since this is the first time I’ve been wrong all year, well kinda. Of course, I am kidding, so I hope you didn’t bet the farm on my ill-informed Cowboy win predication. Maybe I let stats and odds impede reality, cause neither mattered on Sunday.


This team stinks; I do not care about DAK throwing for over 500 and only Q.B. to throw for over 450 in three consecutive games. All those are empty stats gained when the other team plays a softer defense after getting up over 20. Zeke has developed a case of fumbleites, which is getting worrisome. We especially can’t get rid of him since he has that huge ill-advised contract. And sure, they almost came back again, except they didn’t. The game ended on a DAK INT, which happens a lot when you try to win with under a minute. Yes, Cee Dee Lamb continues to impress but makes me think, “Hope they don’t waste his talent on a losing team.” Pero worse than the turnover-prone offense is the Defense. They get ripped for over 300 yards on the ground by the Browns back-up Backs! Not to mention Mayfield and to boot wide receiver Jarvis Landry also threw a touchdown pass to Odell Beckman, who had a season-high performance. Which, for him, is nothing new, just a different uniform. Some say the problem is the learning curve for Defense, and I’m willing to give a little slack for that. Pero, come on now. Some of their mistakes are what you might expect in a Middle School game. And that speaks to players not fully understanding or knowing defensive schemes. If that’s the case, they will land squarely at the feet of Defensive coach Mike Nolan. And, second with fallen Cowboy Savior Head Coach Mike McCarthy, all this prompted me to say to the folks watching the game with me, “I think the coach needs to take the old Websters dictionary and read the definition of defense to them.” The special teams other than the famous watermelon-kick- I don’t see a lot of improvement. Last week I wrote, please take Pollard off kick-off duty this week.

This team looks like a mess, and it is getting downright embarrassing. Next up old Carrot head (Garrett) and the Giants. If I’m honest here, I almost think I owe Garret an apology for having said, “Anybody but Garrett.” Evidently, the talent here is not really what most of us thought it was. Or even worse, McCarthy is not what we thought he was. I won’t make a prediction this week, as I am on a self-imposed 2-week suspension from that. Let’s talk next week. Stay Safe.

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