Today is the 15th of January.

Felix Alvarado



Everything seems calm. Washington is getting ready for the inauguration. It is also an armed camp. 25,000 National Guard troops are deployed to protect the inauguration. The scene is something out of some third world country. Someone thinks the threat of violence is very real. According to news media all 50 states are on some king of self-defense mode. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is declaring bankruptcy in New York and moving its headquarters to Texas where gun laws are more gun friendly. They have been opposed to most gun control laws regardless of how important they were. The NRA has lobbied for concealed handguns and open carry for years. It has given a ton of money mostly to Republicans. Yup, the NRA lobbied Conservative Republicans for all these “liberal” gun laws. When you see those guns on display, think of Republicans.

Next four days are going to be crucial. 50-50 chance that the insurgents will continue. The armed mob is not going to disappear. Trump was able to mobilize White Nationalist, White Supremacist and all other fringe groups that are anti-immigration and plain simple Anti-US. If you look at his rallies, he railed against, Muslim, against Mexicans and tried to put a stop to most immigration. When he went to the border wall, he was sending a message to his base, “look what I did for you.”

Trump has not conceded the election yet. In his mind he is still the winner. The part that Trump and all his supporters do not understand or comprehend is that we are not a democracy. We are a Republic. We only look like a democracy. The best example of who we are is the military. The constitution does not apply to the military. There is a Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) created for the military. 

January 16.

Today is all about preparing for the inauguration. 25,000 national guard troops will provide security. Texas has some demonstrators already.

January 17.


Biden names more of his cabinet. Senate prepares for Trump’s trial. Biden works on his agenda. By going ahead with the impeachment, the Democrats are playing straight into the hands of Trump. Trump thrives on attention. He no longer has Fox News. He will get a lot of attention. Red meat that he can feed his followers. Trump’s approval rating stands at 29%. These are his die-hard followers.

January 18 Martin Luther Holiday

How appropriate. On MLK’s birthday the BLM gets blamed for the insurrection. Some people will do anything to wiggle their way out of an unpleasant situation. Trump supposedly is going to pardon 100 people. Tomorrow is Trump’s last complete day as president. I think as the song goes Que sera, sera, whatever will be will be” that uncertainty is in Trump’s future. 

January 19 Day before the big day.

Trump is keeping his word; he will not attend the inauguration. There is nothing traditional about this inauguration. Beside Trump not being there, Melania did not invite Jill Biden to visit the White House. Trump wanted a military sendoff tomorrow with parade and all pomp and circumstance of a world leader. He will get a band to wave goodbye. And maybe good riddance. Still waiting for the lengthy list of people he is going to pardon. 

Fox has changed its format and no will be mostly opinionated. Its ratings have down. One way it may get back the audience it lost is by purifying the actions of the insurgents. Trump did not incite the event of January 6. He had nothing to do with it. The target is the 74 million that voted for Trump. Trump is not going to go away for a long time. As long as Fox News is his new microphone. Likewise, Trump followers will not go away. They believe that Trump had the election stolen from him. He has pardoned some of his most influential friends, one is Bannon.

January 20 Inauguration Day. American Democracy Survives.

Trump is on his way to Florida. This will be his last trip in Air Force One. He leaves behind a changed America. He threatens to continue being a force in Republican politics. Not possible. Trump was not part of the Washington power structure be he was elected president. He leaves still not a power in Washington politics. 

Of those that voted for Trump, a sizable percentage will align with the Washington power structure. Trump supporters that believe the election was stolen from him; they will continue believing the same. White Nationalists and Supremacists they will continue being fringe groups. These groups will be under extra scrutiny by law enforcement agencies. The Republican Party is fractured. Republican members of congress that participated in the insurrection may face charges and expulsion from the party. Eventually, to become part of the Washington power structure they will have to play ball with Biden and the Democratic Party. Many Republicans attended the inauguration. The traditional Washington power structure is back. 

Trump could have made a billion writing books. Instead, the dollar bill has been passed on to many other writers, starting with government and history writers. 

If you go back and read my articles you can see that I could foresee what Trump was planning to do. There for a while it seemed like he would take over the country by force. Today there was a show of military force in Washington DC. It was a message to all the fringe groups that the power is in the hands of the government. 

The lying is over. Biden is a legitimate president. The long American nightmare is over.

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