Stephen Jones was quoted as saying the chemistry just didn’t work with Taco and he hinted at his work habits. For Taco’s part, he tweeted before his release- something to the effect of “…Release me, trade me, get me out of here”.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys


With Taco out- Robert Quinn is now in.

Well, he got his wish despite the Cowboys still being on the hook for almost a half of million in salary for the year, unless he gets picked up. Never a good thing to lose out on a first-round draft choice (2017). Pero, you can’t win them all. On Thursday the Cowboys next opponent the Dolphins claimed him off the waiver wire. Guess it’s the old, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”- since the Cowboys took Robert Quinn from them.

With Taco out- Robert Quinn is now in. After serving a 2-game suspicion for a banned substance which his agent claims is a prescribed medicine for seizures. In addition, the former Dolphin had suffered a hand injury, but according to him he is ready to go. With Tyrone Crawford’s questionable status with his hip injury the Cowboys expect Quinn to join D. Lawrence on the line Sunday against his former team. Quinn has 69 sacks in 8 years and wants to prove he still has plenty of gas left in the tank.

As for the Dolphins, they appear to be in “rebuilding mode” and are a candidate if not the odds-on favorite for worst team in the league. They have scored 10 points in their first 2 games and have blown out in their last 2 games. As for the Cowboys, they have scored 66 points in 2 games. And, they have given up 38 points with at least of couple of trash TDs in that number. The odds maker has certainly read the tea leaves and made the Boys 20.5-point favorites, I cannot remember the Cowboys ever having been that big a favorite against anybody.

Pero, before we start making Super Bowl plans let’s consider the opponents New York terrible year so far, so much so that Eli has been benched. Washington always in disarray and it has not gotten better this season, next up the Bree’s less Saints after the Dolphins. So, this team may not be really tested till week 5 against Green Bay with a healthy Aaron Rogers. And to pass that test the pass rush must improve a sack or two would be great and how about a turnover. This defense is improved no doubt however at this point it does not look like a defense that is ready for a Championship run. And if the Cowboys believe the hype and think all they must do is show up against the 20 point plus underdogs they better think again. I will never be forgot when they got beat by the brand-new Houston Texans in their very first game as a new franchise. I certainly don’t’ play for the Boys and never have and I was embarrassed for over a week with that loss.

The game is at noon again and I hope they are ready if they are special team this season, they must prove every week and that includes when they play dogs.

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