If all you knew was the score you would likely think this game was never in question. Pero, you would be wrong, in fact in the first half it was anybody’s game. With the game at 10/6 many loyal Cowboy fans were thinking back to the Boys against the brand-new Texans. That of course was an embarrassing loss that I referenced last week. However, they rallied in second half and covered the still hard to believe 22-point spread.

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys


“…they may have thought with Brees out- “this should be a breeze”

  New Dolphin Taco Charlton (Fish Tacos) sacked his old buddy Dak and in return former Dolphin Robert Quinn had a great start as a Cowboy. Pero now comes New Orleans at the Dome- which is always a tough place to play for any team. Never mind that, future Hall of Famer is out. Just ask the Seahawks, they may have thought with Brees out- “this should be a breeze”, sorry couldn’t help it. Teddy Bridgewater is better than a regular back up and the running game behind Alvin Kamara is solid. Kamara has over 300 yards with 2 TDS in three games. These coupled with a solid defense that gave Russell Wilson all he could handle in their 33/27 loss.

  New Orleans is not a team in decline, they are a team that feels they were robbed of a Super Bowl appearance last season and is determined to get there this season. No doubt the Cowboys will have their hands full and it will be the first real test for both the offense and defense. That said they know they can win there and lead their head to head match-up. The Boys are 2 ½ point favorites in this one which when you consider that most home teams get an automatic 3-point edge at home that pushes it up to 5 ½. Normally I would give the coaching edge to Payton in this one. Pero, I witnessed the coaching staff finally learn to adjust at half time, something I had not seen before. With that in mind and all the talent on the Cowboys I will make them a touchdown favorite in this one. Wish was an earlier game though, hate the 7.20 Kick-Off but ill’ be watching.

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