The aim of terrorism is to terrorize. Nowhere was this more evident than earlier this month when officers from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested approximately 680 immigrants in Mississippi leaving behind countless children crying and terrorized on their first day of school.

“It is no secret that Trump’s administration is not interested in pursuing comprehensive immigration reform”


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Photos, taken from video footage broadcasted on CNN, gave the world a glimpse of the devastating effect that the separation of immigrant families does to helpless children.  This type of state-sponsored terrorism has no place in a civilized society especially in the United States of America.

Can you grasp for one minute the tremendous and long-lasting psychological and emotional impact that these children are enduring?  No child regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, race, or ethnicity should be subjected to this mean-spirited type of government action.  President Trump’s supporters are quick to point out that deportations and separation of families were abundant during Obama’s administration. True, but there’s a big difference. Obama’s doing was done as a matter of policy.  Trump’s doing is being carried out as a matter of racism.

Enforcing U.S. immigration laws is the most common argument offered by Trump and his supporters.  I get that. But, there needs to be a humane and less drastic approach when separating families of U.S. born children and their immigrant parents. However, Trump’s sinister motivation is for immigrant parents subject to deportation to take their U.S. born children with them to their country of origin. The more the merrier.

It is no secret that Trump’s administration is not interested in pursuing comprehensive immigration reform.  His idea of immigration reform is to deport, deport, and deport all “Mexicans”.  President Trump wants to deport all “Mexicans” period.  It doesn’t matter if the immigrants are from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, or other south of the border countries.  To Trump they are all “Mexicans” even Latinos/Hispanics born in the United States.  In fact, Trump has questioned the legitimacy of American born children of immigrants. So if you were born here in the United States you are a “Mexican” in the eyes of Trump and many others who share his racist views.  There’s a long derogatory and racist history of the term “Mexican” usage that still lingers today in America’s society.

All the way from President Trump down to the Tarrant County Judge B. Glen Whitley Commissioners Gary Fickes and J.D. Johnson, and Sheriff Bill E. Wilbourn these individuals are enablers of separation of families, promoters of hate, and part of the terroristic network aimed at terrorizing and traumatizing helpless children. Now what do all these public servants have in common?  For beginners they’re all Republicans in addition to all being white-privileged males, who in all likelihood may be your typical God-loving, Bible-clinging, chest-pounding and devout Christians.

On a related note, I should briefly mention that there’s this one unsettling feeling that’s been bugging me for awhile. I’m talking about the Latinos/Hispanics who are staunch supporters of Trump.  I don’t get it.  I mean they are part of the “Mexicans” that Trump has labeled all Latinos/Hispanics but yet they blindly support Trump.  In order to reconcile confusion with logic I have come to the conclusion that these Latinos/Hispanics Trump supporters may be “Norwegian Mexicans.”


To separate children from their immigrant parents is punitive, amoral, and cruel.  Children regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, race, or ethnicity are the most innocent and vulnerable members of any society and rely on government institutions and society’s adults to promote, protect, and preserve their human and inalienable rights.


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