All over the southwest and beyond there is a Cesar Chavez Ave, Street, Boulevard – including in Dallas. Pero, (but) in Fort Worth? Nada. But why? As someone who has spent over seven years trying to correct this injustice, an injustice that I view as disrespect to our community – I have heard all the excuses. Some have said, “Cesar Chavez was not from here”, the cost would be too great, and one of the dumbest ones I heard was, “If they change the name on that street, I may get lost”. To that person I say, “Brother you are already lost” and I feel sorry for you.


“Why not Cesar Chavez”?

Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez


When it comes down to it the people in the power seats, they think we don’t care and even if we do, we won’t’ care enough to get off our sofa and vote them out. In other words, they think they can just tell us go out and get 3,000 signatures, meet with these neighborhood associations talk to this person or other. And I get it, some of that stuff may really be necessary but at some point, it seems just a way to keep us busy in hopes that we will give up. I believe I have come close to saying the Hell with it. Pero, as much as I have respect for what Cesar Chavez did – it is bigger than him. 


I see MLK Freewayin Fort Worth and in Dallas even a Malcom X Ave, off 360 in Arlington/Mansfield tollway, I recently saw a Rose Parks Way. And, by the way all deserving I certainly recognize that they deserve it. However, I cannot help but think, “Why not Cesar Chavez”? And by the way, lets not forget Dolores Huerta. There are also others in our community that warrant a street also, but I will let others fight that battle.

So, as most of us know, words without action has no purpose, so here is your Call to Action. On Saturday September 7that 10.00am LULAC Council 4568, UFW and other groups to be announced will be holding a Town Hall meeting. Some of the people I referenced as the ones in the power chairs should be there to listen to US. I need to count on your support that day to finally make this happen and as I stated above it is Bigger than Cesar Chavez. It is showing our community the respect we deserve, so please contact me at goveaalberto215@yahoo.comor call me at 817-797-4015 to RSVP and location.  As the saying goes, “If you don’t have a place at the table, we are probably on the menu”.


Cesar Chavez Ave. Petition Drive, LULAC Council 4568Alberto Govea (Far Left) Gloria Govea (Left) Denise Jimenez (Right) Johnathon Arguello (Far Right)

Cesar Chavez Ave. Petition Drive, LULAC Council 4568

Alberto Govea (Far Left) Gloria Govea (Left) Denise Jimenez (Right) Johnathon Arguello (Far Right)

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