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For people of a certain age (Old) you will remember the old Cowboy Q.B. great Don Meredith sing, “Turn out the lights” once a game was done.  On Facebook last night I posted this season reminded me of another old song by Freddy Fender, ‘Wasted Days and Wasted Nights’. And of course, a bunch of Cowboy trolls were out putting up stuff they believe is either funny or original.

Last week I wrote the definition of insanity is, ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well if you are still watching and hoping for different results it official, time to seek help! With about 8 minutes left in 3rd quarter I switched over to watch anything else and as I left, I almost felt sorry for Garret as I caught a glimpse of him on the sideline. Pero, I really feel sorry for my fellow Cowboy fans whom every year drinks the Jerry Jones Super Bowl KOOL-AID. Most years I refuse to drink, but this year based on last season – I took a sip. This team seems to believe that they are the team that won 5 Super Bowls. Especially since they won the first three games of the season against believe or not against worst teams then themselves.

The time for talk is over.

  It was reported that after their humiliating loss to the Bills, which really looks a lot like the loss to the Bears, some of the players were exchanging jerseys with Bills players and laughing it up. Now I know that this has become common place recently. But still, ‘Why would you kiss the person that just kicked your A**’? If this keeps up, soon the NFL will turn into the Wrestling Federation (No offense to those fans). Have some pride in yourself and your team!

  After the Bills game Michael Bennet reportable was heard screaming in the locker room to say come on now we are better than this. This week Dak said, ‘The time for talk is over’ he was right in more ways then one. On Thursday night against the Bears the Boys wet the bed and showed us what they really are. And of course, not just the players- the whole coaching group won’t bother with Garret anymore. He is gone. Pero, the defensive coaches suck, even Troy Aikman said paraphrasing ‘…For a young Q.B. the Cowboy defense is tailor- made since they don’t disguise anything’. What you see is what you get, they must think they are the defense that used to win Super Bowls, or just stupid.

  I have a lot more to say about this team, Pero most not printable, as for El Gato Negro I called him last night and he told me to go (You fill in) myself.

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